Do not need watering pruning can be planted flowers

Under normal circumstances, to produce beautiful flowers, you have to sweat hard, watering and pruning is a compulsory course every day. But now researchers in the Netherlands is expected to produce the latest varieties of flowers, for those who love flowers but lazy people who do not have to watering and pruning can be planted beautiful flowers.

These flowers including daisies extremely drought, they can be put on the garden in containers for several days do not need watering.

There is also able to remove the withered petals of flowers and verbena Liuzhou surface, they could have been from the summer to late autumn, opening up a large number of flowers, branches and leaves without the need for any repairs and cutting.

The researchers developed new varieties of violets will be able to mold lifelong immunity. Those lazy gardeners who do not have to worry about suffering from the mold of how to deal with a violet. Sage of the gardener who likes to worry about in the cold winter sage was frozen, and new varieties of sage and even the Arctic cold frost resistance.

The researchers developed new varieties of these flowers are used to cultivate the success of the traditional way, rather than change the way genes nurtured among us. The vast majority of “lazy Flower” is expected to study the success of next year.

More tenacious vitality

With social progress and development of science and technology, more and more people would like to work planting flowers become more and more simple. The world’s most advanced agricultural science and technology companies are the first company aimed at market demand, developed this kind of “lazy Flower” variety.

It is learned that although these new varieties of flower cultivation process more simple, but their vitality is more tenacious than ever.

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