flower how sow seeds

The home keeps a flower how sow seeds
Sow seeds 1.If use the plastics box, wood box etc. container that the bottom has no bore to sow seeds, the first essentials opens a few drains in its bottom.

2.Use a plastics window the yarn hold up a bore and put into sow seeds soil or develop soil(for example:The sand, vermiculite and pearl rock,supplement classpeat and park soil etc.).

3.The mud used more even plank son the surface planes away and makes to sow seeds easily.

4.Fall sparse seed to a little bit evenly sow bottom(the seed of big grain can be sown with a grain per grain, winning the seed of grain can by hand the Sa sow, the small seed can press the seed:Sand=1:5~10 comparison mixtures are even behind the Sa sow).

5 on the seed Sa up thin 1 F soil.By hand point to lightly press the seed surface, the seed will stick with soil tightly, even if water, the seed can’t is washed away, either.

6.Slightly sprinkle enough water,equipment recommendation if the seed is too small, had better put dibble box in water basin to make water slowly permeated mud surface.Put in the airiness to well carry on the back Yin, until sproutlace.

7.Move Yue to shine on a good place after sproutlacing, the mud surface did, sprinkle enough water.

8.Wait the plant long a few leafs, spend seedling to grow good of time, move to grow a Su section basin to wait container.Growing could settle to plant so and greatly,enhancement power transplant the flower pot or the flower terrace to go.

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