chicken eggshell

Keep orchid Qiao to use chicken eggshell
The egg hull implies nutrient, indeed be a kind of fatty source of arethusa.Someone fresh egg the hull pours to button up to make fertilizer on the orchid basin, also someone”after kneading the fresh egg hull ground, just the right amount go together with to go into to plant to anticipate in, directly last”, think so beneficial to the growth of arethusa.In fact and otherwise, writer my humble opinion, to egg hull of this kind of livings to use, not only can not be regarded as “the Qiao is used”,LED front-panel but wrong use.Why see it?And listen to my way.

Livinging the egg hull is a fertilizer, is 1 kind to living fatty.Livinging to remain some eggs inside the egg hull is pure, the egg is pure medium imply a kind of glue a liquid egg white.Living the egg hull is poured to button up orchid basin top or knead ground after directly last,LED the actuator publish remain inside the eggshell of the egg is pure to ferment in the orchid basin will burn an orchid root and also easily induct a plant diseases and insect pests after the output calories.The egg is also pure to ferment the output bad smell in the process to pollute environment.In order to make to living egg hull to become to°from”livinging is fatty” “familiar fatty”,selecteddon’t need to appearing the above-mentioned irregularity, can be carried on as follows to process a creation towards livinging egg hull:

①Living the egg hull is placed to stove beside remaining of eggshell of the egg is pure to roast dry, then kneads ground or process into “eggshell powder” Shi Ru Lan basin in;
②Knead the egg hull ground, pour with the boiled water, soak to ferment for few days, take it soaks a liquid to sprinkle to infuse an arethusa.Egg hull after processing, recommendation then a kind of contain Lin to enrich of familiar fatty.Using it as a making track for of arethusa is fatty, can make arethusa blossom gorgeous and spend period extension.

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