palace of reading extensively

Be located on the main Thai palace of reading extensively the park center

In order to celebrate in 2011 84 birthdays of Thai king, queen’s 80 birthdays and crown princes are 60 birthdays in 2012, Thai government will on November 9, 2011 to hold international half-hardy exposition in northern tour divine spot, Europe takes chargeChiang Mai City on February 15, 2012.This that time every 5 years after, Chiang Mai holds this kind of grand occasion once again.In 99 days of session, this vegetable well known as city, will re- bloom charming fragrance of flower.The exposition opens an eve, the this report reporter walks into a garden and advances a to see its Fang to permit.

The exposition will be reigned to this time the Na bad Pu Lei Royal garden of suburb area in Chiang Mai holds, therefore, the exposition entitles “2011 Royal Nas bad Pu Lei goddess of flowers stanza”.In order to celebrate 80 birthdays of Thai king, Struggle just2006 once held a nations top-class half-hardy exposition in the same location.Currently, the cover about 80 hectares of read extensively a park under way to design, construct, decorate afresh and cloth exhibition.The reporter sees, Be located on the main Thai palace of reading extensively center position in the park also under construction in the strain open to be unveiled to the all new visitor on that day by expecting on November 9.

Sponsor a direction, reporter introduces to say,That autumnthe international half-hardy manufacturer association is 2| A B1s for this settling of exposition class, although low in 2006 that exposition, this time in exhibitting scale win more formely, totally have 30 nations to join the exhibition with the region, compare in 2006 that exposition to increase 6.After 2006 should invite after joining the exhibition, China will continue the exposition of taking part in this year.The 2006 the middle of the years country government constructs of have “Chinese Tang’s park” reduce an age again of Chiang-Nan park style, is a permanent sex building in the park and important view.

The period of the exposition, will hold various Royal items exhibition, celebrate 80 birthdays and crown princes of 84 birthdays, queens of king 60 birthdays.In the meantime, the movable period will hold international garden exhibition, the horticulture contest, half-hardy technique exhibition and art cultural exhibition to play, the merchandise exhibition sell, alleviate constipationand related academic meeting.Among them, international exhibition area in the garden the demonstration well-known flower from all countries, park art, and and it related culture, art and building style.More than 2,500,000 stubs, more than 2500 specieses plants will contend for strange Dou on the exposition gorgeous.

Act in cooperation a global environmental protection wave tide, exposition with”green turn:Decelerate in the world to become warm, rescue the Earth and raise life quality”is topic, emphasize 3 Gs and 3 R spirit.So-called 3 Gs, namely Generation(generation), Garden(garden) and Greenitude;(green turn)3 Rs then Reuse(again make use of), Reduce(reduce a row) and Recycle.(circularly make use of)Sponsor a square to hope through this activity, initiate the surfeit of lowering the energy to consume and circulate to make use of a resources, train child and youth to the permafrost passion and protection consciousness, make the Earth kept off a green house effect.In the meantime, the exposition specially spends, chemical elements such as breeze, energy and water and sunlight etc., design 5 mascots, symbolize the permafrost important resources.

Sponsor a square to expect, this time exposition comes more than 2,000,000 visitors visit, on the average every day above 20,000 people.cross-straits peaceAdmission ticket already from this year July 7 since start accepting to reserve, divide a single time enter, enter for many times, and party ticket, visitor by November 8 booked a ticket can enjoy 5 fold special discount

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