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Medium the lotus flower half-hardy industry recommend an activity to hold cool mountain to work hard for to constuct western the flowers is all
News net in Sichuan becomes all October 20 days Xun(reporter remaining Nuo) on the afternoon of October 20, cool mountain Yi clan autonomy state and Holland at become all the Jiao son conventional center held the medium lotus flower half-hardy industry to recommend an activity.Holland expressed and the Mainland current cooperation intention realm,manage finance the cool mountain state works hard for to hold tight opportunity and becomes cool mountain construction”flower country holy land, western flowers all” in China.

Holland is the biggest flower product supply country and trade country in the world.The fresh cut flowers, bulbous that exports annually and appreciate a vegetative total to reach in above USD 6,000,000,000, the half-hardy industry takes up 42% of the native agriculture production value.The fresh flowers, cut flowers and bulbous root in Holland flower and appreciate a plant to be known for world, and at flower industry research, teach a kind and plant, manage, sell, process etc. be always placed in world to lead level.According to know, the Holland flower export shares above 70% of flower export in the world.

Holland means that current cooperate with the Mainland of intention realm for help Holland to spend a lotus member development production type export, provide to lead to European market path for Chinese entrepreneur;May facilitate the cooperation of three aspects in the purchase agreement(Kenya rose, Holland tulip), trade system and trade center.

The reform opens for 30 years, cool mountain flower production from don’t have, since the childhood, from weak arrive strong.Close 2010 whole state the flower plant area to already arrive 16,000 acres of, the production value is 159,000,000 dollars.Among them:Appreciating flower is 7,000 acres of, industry and medicine are used flower 5,000 acres of, the seed grows seedling and green the wood turning seedling is 4,000 acres, various glasshouse big Peng is 100 many ten thousand square meters.The year produces with the carnation, gladiolus and crane hopes orchid,benefit how muchrose is main fresh cut flowers is 100,000,000, with red Zhang, pineapple and big flower Hui orchid, longevity flower for lord of the basin spend 4,000,000 and take carnation, colorful horse’s hoofs lotus as lord of grow seedling(ball)30,000,000 stubs, take white poplar as lord of appreciate seedling wood 1,000,000 stubs, basic formed to grow seedling and grow ball, cut flowers and basin of flower, green turn seedling wood and industrial flower is six greatest systems, become cool ecosystem mountain newly arisen of green pillar, multicolored industry.

Cool mountain state the Wei and state government holds tight to need the history opportunity that the extension and flower industry in the world transfers toward the developing country day by day inside the current flower and puts forward the strategic target of “with flower industry garden for carry a body, with the perfect industry prop up system and enhance to outward open a cooperation for two wings, quickly push forward the flower industry cross over type development, make the cool mountain flower planted area to attain till 201550,000 acres of, the production value is 1,000,000,000 dollars, the flower plants area to attain in 2020100,000 acres of, production value 2,000,000,000 dollars”mortgage manages and work hard for to create quiet and peaceful river valley into the biggest upscale basin peanut in the west of China to produce excellent flower seedling of base, upscale fresh cut flowers with biggest Sichuan and a wood Be heavy to teach base and the southwest important flowers and trees to trade a market, constucts cool mountain into”flower country holy land, western flowers all” in China.

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