benevolence commander

Big self-ridicule Fan half-hardy ability the very bad magic dedicate already investigatedthe benevolence commander-in-chief rake soil along while

Fan Gan Di holds to nail rake stem to live again knock to ring

October 22 Peking time news, according to 《the Ao orchid is many sentinel reports 》report way, some commander-in-chiefs of NBA ball teams complacent mental state is very heavy, but magic of the Si Tan-Fan Gan Di be not so,links a television particularly while speaking of to make half-hardy ability, big open heart Fan by himself/herself almost at 1:00 can’t.

Friday morning local time, the magic brigade leads down an Ao orchid at Fan Gan Di many ones recuperates center, the whole brigadeses take a morning’s time to the sorting that the courtyard carries on and clean up, water, loose soil, cut a garden, busy get hot fire dynasty sky.

Fan Gan Di wasn’t divided what heavy or technique content Gao of live son, he also the self-ridicule say:”Basically, while dividing a task,needs to be raised they looking at me will think’this guy does to order what just can’t make to hit’, hence I have been aming using the rake son rake soil.I need to make the diagram to fix place, then the rest of their catcher come of procedure, clean up and plant some things.Anyway they don’t want to make me participate in these, because I will make to hit ……”

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