Designed to kill formaldehyde Synchronized benzenes plant

Guangzhou, also known as “Huacheng,” Canton were flowers, plant flowers have been thousands of years of history. In a wide range of home accessories, the saffron among the most elegant green and most of the flavor of life. As long as the living room, bedroom arbitrarily put family suddenly become vitality, the air is also being released into the atmosphere with fragrant soil. The past, like “money tree” and other types of flowers because of their better viewing by people’s favorite meaning. Now, with the understanding of air pollution hazards, such as “Chlorophytum,” “Ivy” and other environment-friendly green flowers started to become the new darling of the home.

In recent years, the interior decoration materials used in building decoration gradually increased, leading to formaldehyde, benzene series-based indoor environmental pollution is becoming more and more aggravated and become a threat to human health, “the new killer.” Despite the current so-called high-tech Nano Photocatalyst claimed 99.99 percent to purifying the air, but its actual effects are hard to distinguish genuine people.

Recently, a more cost-effective green Pai “poisonous” approach is gradually being recognized. When a reporter visited at Lingnan Flower Market, found a number of environment-friendly popular flowers began. “Flowers on the ability of drug abuse, and indoor air change fine,” about economic benefits for the people, we might as well dependent on indoor plants, both to beautify the environment, cultivate character, but also simple and effective to purify the air.

Formaldehyde “nemesis”

Formaldehyde hazards: Formaldehyde is one of the world recognized the potential carcinogen, has been listed as high country of precursor chemicals, will be strongly irritates the eyes, skin, respiratory mucosa, etc., will eventually result in abnormal immune function, liver damage and central nervous system are affected would lead to birth defects, leukemia, chronic respiratory diseases, female menstrual disorders, acute mental depression, nasopharyngeal cancer and other diseases.

Main Source: man-made wood and its products, adhesives, paint the interior walls, wood furniture, wallpaper, paste,used 107 plastic, plywood and flooring used in 804 plastic, low-grade all-purpose adhesive, foam, paint and so on.

Chlorophytum purification index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Chlorophytum slender leaves soft, drawn from the axil give birth to small plants from pots to the drop along, stretch scattered down, it seems flowers, evergreen Four Seasons, the “sky fairy” laudatory title.

“Drug” skills: Chlorophytum in many plants to absorb toxic substances, the effectiveness of first place. According to tests, 8-10 square meters in the room as long as they are placed on the pot Chlorophytum can be absorbed in one day 86% of formaldehyde; to indoor appliances, stoves, plastic products, paints and other distributed by carbon monoxide, too oxide and other harmful gases absorb decomposed into harmless substances, and also be able to break down copiers, printers benzene emissions, “swallowed”, such as nicotine. Chlorophytum in particular, even in faint light, but also to carry out photosynthesis, the absorption of toxic gas, it is suitable for indoor place.

Cultivating tips: Chlorophytum hi humid environment,wish to keep moist. Below 5 degrees Celsius in winter and less watering,not too wet, otherwise the leaves yellow-prone. Chlorophytum hi environment all year round in bright indoor cultivation. However, the long-term in the indoor cultivation of Chlorophytum should avoid strong direct sunlight. Chlorosis usually cut at any time, in March each year can be time, cut the old roots, root rot and excess fibrous roots. In May, the mid-cut some old leaves Chlorophytum would make germination more new leaf and small Chlorophytum.

Sansevieria purification index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Sansevieria leaves clustered, sword Ye Gang upright, leaves the entire green, the surface of white, dark green and white, showing transverse band stripe.

“Drug” skills: the ability to absorb formaldehyde superpower, is a room of “pollution control expert.” Studies have shown that pot Sansevieria can absorb about 10 square meters room for more than 80 percent, including formaldehyde, including a variety of harmful gases. Sansevieria to the general living room to keep the air fresh, free from formaldehyde victims.

Moreover, during the day Sansevieria can release a lot of oxygen, carbon dioxide at night, even in the course of their own breath carbon dioxide is also self-absorbing, non-emissions to the outside, so to purify the air at night.

Cultivating tips: Sansevieria drought tolerance, HI sunshine, but also shade-tolerant, waterlogging bogey. It has adequate light grow well under the conditions, if placed in the indoor lighting is too dark for too long, the leaves will be dark. In addition, if the long-term storage room, should be changed in a better light, the process of adaptation to have a good-bye after the sunlight, and watering should be moderate.

Benzenes “capture the master”

BTEX harm: As the benzene, toluene and xylene are aromatic hydrocarbons categories, are colorless, transparent liquid, is a toxic irritant solvent, not easy to alert people at its toxicity. Benzene has been identified as carcinogenic substances the World Health Organization, the eyes, skin and upper respiratory stimulus, long-term inhalation can cause aplastic anemia (leukemia), women on the dangers of benzene sensitive than men, on the reproductive function is also effects can lead to fetal congenital defects<a href=”一個淡泊的女人/”>一個淡泊的女人</a> | <a href=”″>梨花芳菲盡四月</a> | <a href=”″>他過上了清明節</a> | <a href=””>水之間曾經</a> | <a href=””>上癡情心弦的景緻</a> | <a href=””>只教人生如初見</a> | <a href=””>雨中的城市</a> | <a href=””>清風一手日光</a> | <a href=”″>曼舞櫻花四月天</a> | <a href=”″>如水月色濕窗簾</a>.

Main Source: in a variety of building materials, the existence of a large number of organic solvents, such as a variety of paint additives and diluent, a number of waterproof material additives. In their daily lives, benzene is also used as decorative materials, wood-based panel furniture, adhesives, air disinfectant and insecticide solvent.

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