half-hardy expositions

2011 half-hardy expositions in world in Xian fascinatingly thank an act on October 22
China green Times October is 24(reporter:Late truly) the nature and man Chang-an cast into harmonious dream, the creativity opens naturally green future.On the night of October 22, last for 178 days of 2011 half-hardy expositions in world in Xian formally fall in a purdah.

The province Wei secretary joy in Shaanxi is between declaring to end.World half-hardy manufacturer association chairman Du gram ·method Bo,dvb t tunersShaanxi province provincial governor, Xian a life time park will set Wei will chairman be always addressing respectively.

Du gram ·method Bo to a life time park in Xian will embody “nature and man Chang-an · creativity nature” topic do of effort mean affirmation, will mean applause for the huge variety that Xian brings to a life time park in Xian.He thinks that this is an ability nature of the love sprinkle to infuse in you me of heart, successful life time park with profound meaning meeting, this successfully belongs to us and our descendant posterity.

Held to solemn and impressively make awards a rites on the closing ceremony, the sponsor gave 2011 half-hardy exposition international half-hardy association big prize of manufacturer in world in Xians in exhibition park in Shanghai and gave the park in the man and became all 2011 half-hardy expositions in world in Xian in the park etc. especially prize, give Shaanxi province, Xian City excellent organization prize and outstanding contribution prize respectively.A life time park in Xian will set Wei along with distributed a special instruction prize to half-hardy manufacturer’s association in the world.

On the closing ceremony, allowing the Lu Yu and Yi can calm down, nursery garden etc. the star read out 《half-hardy exposition declaration in world in Xian 》, representative’s sponsoring square and meeting set Wei in a life time park will initiate together:Simple but not extravagant, the low carbon takes leave Gao Hao;Regression nature, not the matter vulture decorate and make the green lived into in pursuit of vogue and make the flower glitter of ecosystem civilization bloomed and always make”city and natural harmonious symbiosis” halted future!

End a performance will widely carry the side of pond in a life time park of the comfortable flower petal satge presents to public, take”the nature and man is Chang-an” as topic and is divided into 3″wide luck legend”, “ten thousand flowers come to instrument” and”bloom future” parts.”Wide luck legend” makes a show of for a prosperous Tang’s thous all the condition of thousand year ago blooming flowerses;”Ten thousand flowers come to instrument”dvb t receivers wakes the dream that nature and mankind’s nature and man unite as one ups;”Bloom future”‘s explaining a life time park will leave the content of the city of an ecosystem for Xian.

According to understanding, is exactly the successful luck camp and green principle that is received benefit to meeting in a life time park, a life time park in Xian will acquire United Nations”global best and green creativity prize” on September 12 this year, a life time park in Xian will the location-Xian 浐 Ba ecosystem area has the honor of acquiring United Nations”the best green in the global city changes a classic case prize”, Xian City has the honor of acquiring United Nations”the global city green develops an outstanding contribution prize”.The 25th IPMA global item that just ended in the Australia managed a general assembly up, “2011 half-hardy expositions in world in Xian raised to set up item” got IPMA the large item international item managed international big prize especially.

A life time park in Xian wills is held by the international half-hardy manufacturer association approval, is sponsored together by people government in province in the national forestry bureau, Chinese flower association and Shaanxi etc. unit.A life time park will April 28 open a park and totally establish 109 outdoor exhibition parks and there are 52 nations joining the exhibition with the region, 3 international organizations, 58 local cities and Qi business unit and displayed each special feature this year, abundant colorful of half-hardy, green vogue chemical elements such as science and technology and cultural etc., successfully held city and the living creature diverse sex international exchanges activities, such as international forum, international half-hardy association annual convention of manufacturer and global green high peak forum in the city…etc..A life time park in Xian will circulate a period,cable supplier totally receive 1572 of visitor outside the world and pull to move economy in Xian to increase 1.5 percentage points.

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