5 flower centers

Beautifying one station in the veranda half-hardy center to fix will reconstruct 5 flower centers
Dress up veranda, beautify a courtyard, as long as you arrive half-hardy center to turn, from the seed, spend fatty arrive various tools, can fix.Yesterday(on the 24th), this city another flower half-hardy center at sea Dian the area is completed, can provide “one-stop” horticulture to serve for citizen.

Come to say to citizen in Peking, buy a flower and wait on lane flower and grass have already gradually become a kind of living habit.The data suggests that in 2010, spreading all over the flower market of whole citieses has already had 34, the flower retails a store 1500, the flower of the whole citieses consumption the total amount attain 10,000,000,000 dollars.Peking has already become one of the three greatest flowers consumption center in whole countries.

Common of the flower retail store the tube sell a flower, and majority of scales aren’t big.”A lot of citizen have DIY to beautify veranda now, wishes beautify a courtyard, these floret stores obviously can not satisfy.”The city park is green the introduction for turning a relevant representative director of bureau, in the new flower half-hardy center, the citizen can not only buy a green daily life at home, courtyard to turn each kind of product of beautification, but also enjoy a technique to consult, design, start construction, protect etc. service.

The completed half-hardy center located at yesterday at free opened to the citizen of park-long the spring workout is inside the park and covered about 400 square meters.Establish sofa chair inside the half-hardy center, the citizen stroll park to stroll tired, can come in to stay for a while at any time, can browse half-hardy book in the meantime.Inside the half-hardy center, also establish how many an open type shelf, seed, multifarious garden tools and potted plant container of cleverly made potted plant, familiar flower, can find out on the shelf.

“The long spring does exercise to keep fit much more adjacent large community in park, this half-hardy center mainly be for community those love a half-hardy family to serve.”The half-hardy center representative director introduces, the staff member here all trains after profession and can be free to provide the family horticulture the design for citizen and start construction, protect the technique of etc. consult.If the citizen don’t think that they begin, can also from appointed profession here of green turned a troops to help.”From now on, the half-hardy center will also periodically start academic chair, to citizen universal half-hardy knowledge, the plan hold 2-4 times monthly, the citizen can be free to listen to.”

The sea Dian area park is green to turn a bureau of related representative director said and set up the flower half-hardy center in the park, this is in whole citieses is still a first time.”If is popular among the common people, we will let more citizen enjoy to come home the fun of the home garden skill in the sea Dian expansion in other large parks of the area.”

According to understanding, the flower half-hardy center is the business of this city flower half-hardy realm newness to sell mode.This front in 2009, this city head flower half-hardy center at plentiful set grass the bridge is completed, because the shopping environment is tranquil and enjoyable and can provide “one-stop” horticulture service, but is popular among the large citizen.Currently, rise in the east country eight suburb parks in the sea Dian, another large and half-hardy center just in the construction, anticipate at the end of the year devotion to try luck camp.

The coming 5 years, this city will adopt the form of “the people transacts to help” to reconstruct 10 flower brands half-hardy center and satisfy the citizen’s need to the family horticulture.

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