Happy comparison

This afternoon, home visitor.

Is the Sir’s classmate, a three people from the United States came back the classmate of keeping up with the sea to gather once, they heard that we lived a house that took a floret park in the suburban area and specially wanted our house to visit.

Both the husband and wife floret to us park applauds very much, “good, good” of a strength’s saying, their 4-year-old daughter likes Salsa very much and also like with small have fun, needs carefuljust can’t speak Chinese, two happy poles that kid has fun with puppy in the yard.

We the inside of a few adults at garden drink tea side chat, they say that envy our garden very much of interesting and novel, start to talk about that the their house in the United States, their houses and garden cover 6 acres of, the scenery is very beautiful, the view is very spacious, but, because they all go to work and have no time to deal with a garden, that super big turf-grass has already made his wife don’t already have a headache, only clearance weed and fix turf-grass to expend not a few energies, because in the United States, the artificial is very expensive, water rate also cost a lot, water flowers to use of water with life with water charge return different, they loathe to give up invite a person to deal with turf-grass to loathe to give up more to water flowers with tap water, they see we can use well water to water flowers to don’t already envy more.

Tell the truth, just started hearing they own a so big garden, I was two eyes to give out light, but listenned to their introduction, I suddenly felt, probably, the big garden of luxury’s lookinging at is very good, but if doesn’t so deal with for several times, if the nursing expenses but affliction that still wants for the garden, probably, my garden lives to sooner enjoy some?At least currently, I every day at enjoy a garden for time, which afraid is a garden labor, is all kind of happy labor.

As supper is ordering vegetables, , I just know this male classmate of his, two years ago, the large intestine was cut off and digested function to be subjected to very great influence, very all not edible to foods, seat we talked to have the topicĀ  ” happiness”,firses weather American classmate says, “our 2 should belong to is more happy family”, that classmate quoted from a words of some article, I felt quite right.He says”happy is what?How to measure?Is a person wants to carry out, can carry out with him of, and already realization of three, weigh to match or big part heavy match, that should be happiness”.

He says that because this big disease, he understood family and health be life medium the most important!Ever isn’t so to me?

Dinner like this and these talk, pretty many to the Sir’s touch, I feel of great value!

This is really a party of a brief but meaningful friend!

If the”the friend is a living flower within garden” that the brand up says

There is no fresh flowers, just this turnip that is green, will also make me feel natural magic power.

This summer yard after reforming

The water view that the old stone mortal makes into

Reform the panorama of ex- water view.

The yard after reforming is another corner and roast recreational area,

Our right here drinks tea chat and owns 6 acres of Mrs.line ticket quota friends of super big gardens to take camera and with relish claps our mini floret parks!

If the friends likes, I am very happy to open a my garden invitation card here and communicate together with everyone flower and grass insight

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