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Half-hardy exposition in seventh the province of Jiangsu moves to end in the night
On October 26, half-hardy exposition in seventh the province of Jiangsu move to end in the night.Vice- provincial governor He Quan attends closing ceremony to also talk.

He Quan says in the middle of talking, current park Bo will be save an economic social development into a new stage and orchestrate city country at me the construction open lately a situation bottom of advertising for the distance to hold of a grand occasion.wrinkly emergency maskThe park Bo will actively draw to take to a preparing to host of experience and domestic and international of successful way of doing, emphasize do meeting way of thinking in the innovation, excellent turn an exhibition park of design, made use of advanced technique, and abundant exhibition form…etc. to carry on a series beneficial investigate.The Bo that read extensively park construction to carry out to build a park style adopts many long and letting a hundred flowers blossoming of view special feature, the park matter spends a matter etc. the special subject exhibit the activity constellated to gather the exquisite article dint that appreciates sex, art and model sex in the integral whole to make.

Invite international local and friendly city and park business enterprise to join the exhibition for the very first time in the meantime,lips cheek emergency the whole level carries out to a little bit greatly promote, the region special feature gets to well show.Demonstration communicates to obtain a plenteous result, visitor’s amount sets all previous sessions it most, to development tradition build a park art.Spread modern park culture, development and ecosystem civilization construction promote park green to turn business, carry out person and natural harmonious symbiosis.There is emollient push function.

Current park Bo successful way of doing and experience of the meeting.Everywhere each department concerned want to hard tally up, make the most of, aggressive expand.Also combine organization to carry out fine city country construction activity, continuously promote I save park green turn a business development of level, for create ecosystem proper reside, the beautiful comfortable person reside environment, for constuct tomorrow of Jiangsu more fine to make to lately contribute.

Be agreed by provincial government,business enterprises half-hardy exposition in eighth the province of Jiangsu will hold in river City in the town in 2013.

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