farming method of spider ivy

The farming method of spider ivy is very simple and below introduce the farming method of spider ivy as follows:The spider ivy basin soil leads wet, because of spider ivy is meat quality root, need to keep soil moist then just while educating, can not lead wet or accumulate water.If the soil is too sticky heavy, the transparence becomes bad, or water excessive etc. reason, make the parts of spider ivy root fastenned putrefied, make the root fastenned the ability of absorbing the humidity to descend, so the spider ivy apex of leaf lose water to carry to deliver black.Can take out a spider ivy to shear to go to a putrefied root and fasten from the basin, re- plant.The family basin keeps a spider ivy, under the general condition, often easily appear apex of leaf withered,shutter glasses leaf’s slice lose sheen gradually etc. phenomenon, in order to protect to manage a good spider ivy, need to adopt the following measure.

Change soil to change a basin to hang a spider ivy on the management, in order to beg a caulis the leaf to is exuberant, in every year of should change soil and change basin once in March.If the basin is deeper, the radicle is fatty to compare foot, can change basin for two years once.While turning over basin, the plant is from the basin Ke, shear withered Fu root and the root of surplus fasten and make change new rich contain the development of the quality of Fu Zhi of soil, again give the animal hoof Cape slice or the Fu familiar round flat cake fatty make a radicle fatty.Plant well after,spirit strong put the half Yin warm place slow seedling.The spider ivy most suitable growth temperature is or so for 25 ℃ .Need plant instauration the haleness hang flower pot at the eaves of veranda next or indoor appropriate position after growing.General height with don’t meet for proper, the farming method of spider ivy wants to notice airiness.

Spider ivy drive people benignly the fame is “decontamination machine” in the living quarters and become the person’s close friend.The scientist discovers that spider ivy to the carbon monoxide that the stove, coal gas, paint and smoking of family produces, leads to oxidize nitrogen and other to the human body harmful volatility air, have the strongest absorption and decontamination function, can nicely pollution air in clearance the indoor also let out oxygen.And the function of spider ivy is in the flower call most.Therefore, if put previous 12 spider ivy indoors, within 24 hours its ability “eat up” all of the harmful airs of the indoor.Not only such, carbon monoxide etc. the air is in the basin after the decomposition of spider ivy root, on the contrary will change into the decomposition of spider ivy root as well as change into the nutrition needed for growing spider ivy, urge its branches and leaves bushiness.glasses priceIt may be said”the person spends two to be subjected to a benefit”.It is thus clear that in the middle of purifying indoor air, the spider ivy performs feats and becomes the person’s close friend well-deserved!Is the arriving a fresh flowers store to buy a spider ivy to send a good gift for others!

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