American solider’s

Will set up American solider’s barracks in the white Ling island
Korea Ministry of National Defense says today,
freshwater pearlthe Korean plan constucts American solider’s barracks in closing to a group of islands of last boundary in south North Sea of relation strain, with have urgent circumstance or military exercise usage.

Ministry of National Defense spokesman says to the reporter of this agency, this barracks will set up ahead the line group of islands white Ling island up, that island is that one of yellow sea is a little bit hot.

He says:”The American solider will use this barracks while uniting a period of drill or appearing an urgent circumstance.”His brush-off reveals a concrete detail.

The report way of Han Lian She says that Korea will have constucted the barracks that can accept about 160 American soldiers since next year,wireless keyboard the engineering construction will complete in 2013.

In July, this year, Korea and American marine corps the waters carried on to associately practice for the very first time in the neighborhood of white Ling island.golden south sea pearlThe United States halts 28,500 soldiers in Korea currently.

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