ground search and rescue forces to conduct joint searches to find an effective way .

Search and rescue satellite signal capture target search signal search aircraft , helicopter search target , the ground search started in parallel to form together … … the general director of the landing field system designer Lv Bintao 16, told reporters that landing field system has been integrated into the joint space world Search recycling system , to ensure that the capsule of God, eight of accurate and timely recovery.

Lvbin Tao said that the system is mainly based on characteristics of the spacecraft tracking control , organization of space-based , air-, ground search and rescue forces to conduct joint searches to find an effective way .

sky –

space-based search and rescue satellite system utilization of the International Maritime Satellite Organization of the capsule ‘s beacon signal reception. While the real-time location data entry module loaded signals to Beijing ‘s flight control center , then the position coordinates of space-based real-time data communications to the search command on the machine . Return capsule back on track if you find a deviation from the search command and machine command by helicopter to search airspace adjustments.

altitude –

measured transport eight search aircraft to carry locator blackout of out of the capsule after the beacon signal reception and data transmission to Beijing flight control center.

low –

also carry a measure of search helicopters to locate the system , measured on the capsule signal to determine its coordinates , and according to the onboard software system to calculate the distance between the ship machine guide the search helicopter and ground search units rushed to the capsule landing point .

ground –

equipped with a measuring instrument to guide the ground search team came under the direct guidance of machine data and its own received signal path for a ground search recovery plans .



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