He said foreign businessmen to visit and invest

The general population and the current party and government leaders a degree of alienation. This situation is the reason?

Recently, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences research group composed of political science, started from last year, a level leading cadres of the general condition of daily life.

According to the results show that the county level leading cadres, especially the party and government

recently published results of a survey.

last September, Tian Wei in the change in the host of cadres, field observations of their work and life.

was the first time this issue describe the scientific method leading cadres at county level in China the daily work life.

According to reports, annual work leading cadres at county level in the first line, on the central, provincial responsibility, the next to face the masses, is a very important group. This group’s work life, they care about and focus of the study.

11 18, he said, he was particularly on the specific thing.

2008, he has gone through the br> usually very tedious work, except major holidays and during floods and other disasters, the need to solve the usual Yang Wandong petition, mineral resources disputes, residential flats processing and maintenance of stability and other complicated events.

Yang Wandong example of politics at the Academy of Social Sciences to be reflected in the subject report.

Zheng Jianjun of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences PhD in political science, he had to spend a day close observation of a county

7:50, who the county clerk to the hospital examination, a check that out. Quarter past eight, he returned to the county meeting. Will be open to ten o’clock and small will be open to more than eleven. During that time when the county

arranged medical examination, the secretary can not be too busy to even a complete physical examination. Hospital to go to work every day, he went to check one or more.

starting eleven, the county party secretary, the same door as shopping checkout line. In front of the wave of people into the back of people are waiting outside. Set aside one hour to find him reporting person, not until the end of twelve.

to noon, the br> more than two in the afternoon, the secretary went to veteran center and the community to study the construction of old fitness sites. He ran more than four points a township survey, the evening before I came back. Tian Wei

change, these leading cadres usually live in the county, ninety o’clock at night will be normal opening team.

accordance with the observation group, the average weekly county level cadres worked a total of up to 47.56 hours, according to week 5 working days, the average per working day was about nine and a half hours.

the party secretary, county work longer, their average weekly hours worked 55.08 hours, working 11 hours per day.

He said, up to 8.7 hours a week, total sleep duration to 61.48 hours, of which 55.34 hours sleep at night, nap 6.14 hours. out features.

Zheng Jianjun stress, accompanied by not only the senior management, including the administrative staff to visit outside of visiting research and other reception activities.

as Deputy Mayor of Yang Wandong, accompanied the guests’ eating, drinking, leisure is a common practice.

11 18, Yang Wandong said, to visit the boss, superior to the inspectors, which requires a county leaders accompanied. Some important guests, in addition to the

He said foreign businessmen to visit and invest, generally require a two days, basically all day, accompanied by the county leaders around him. A common project, accompanied at least one county leader,

if the ministries, to an important figure in the province, and some need to situation, but also to take the time to high-speed intersection,

Yang Wandong, this

Zheng Jianjun, said their investigation is that once a superior officer or a business trip to the local inspection, They are more comprehensive grasp of the situation the county is reporting the best candidate.

leading cadres for

the higher the position, accompanied by the cadres for the longer, the party and government , than any other committee of leading cadres is 325 hours.

was escorted to the number, the party and government

county level meetings, take less

and grass-roots is short.

In addition to the above, Yang Wandong

will be more work is a major experience.

as his Deputy Mayor, processing documents and meetings are his main forms of work.

addition to the county meeting, Yang Wandong go out to meetings, running the money to run the project,

County-level Party committees and governments need to implement the above policy, to convey the spirit, coordinate efforts, the deployment of specific work.

Zheng Jianjun, deputy county magistrate who visited the grass-roots following, study for installation of the camera forest fire thing.

finalize the installation program. However, the road takes 2 hours, on-site work time is less than one hour.

observed, leading cadres at county level work in general, to a certain extent, showing a and higher, the same level more than deal with subordinates and people to deal with less.

group’s report also showed the county level cadres .

county level officials themselves the situation.

as Deputy Mayor, he was more pressure on the one hand from the pressure of economic development, the other from the pressure of maintaining social stability, scolded the people suffer, feeling wronged. in my position, I know how hard.

investment for the county, who is also deputy head out to beg someone, but a lot of work to do on the outside can not see others, outsiders thought he was traveling in the life of debauchery.

some ideas and grievances.

Yangwan Dong said that some part of key projects, the above sent to the inspectors and give them a lot of pressure, forced demolitions would

way under the pressure of not more than their decompression. Tian Wei

change that, to their observations, the county level cadres to participate in physical exercise each week the total length of an average of 6.40 hours,

the party and government

Yang Wandong colleagues and some will get up early to swim, he would jog for half an hour before going to bed,

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