plans to visit Myanmar in late December

Global Network reporter Zhao Wenjie reported , according to Japan’s Kyodo News reported on November 27 , plans to visit Myanmar in late December, Japanese Foreign Minister Koizumi is Genba take the opportunity to visit Thailand and Cambodia on coordination , the time may be December 25 to 28 days. Genba plan announced in Thailand after the reconstruction of the flood to be fully supported , visit the ASEAN presidency in 2012 when the mysterious leaves Cambodia and ASEAN will be reiterated to strengthen cooperation between the will.

reported that the Japan including Myanmar, the Mekong River to visit the three countries , seems to have checks and balances in the region intends to continue to strengthen the influence of China.

reported that Thailand has a large car -based production of Japanese companies in the global parts supply chain in a critical position , the Japanese government which will be actively supported . In addition to restore infrastructure and develop a comprehensive flood control measures , the Japanese government is still discussing through Official Development Assistance (ODA) to provide financial support for Thailand .

reported Genba also plans to announce in Cambodia with the ASEAN region in the country ‘s economic and maritime security cooperation. The move aims to strengthen economic cooperation and development assistance between the two countries bilateral relations.


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