which was first in the country. Reporters saw in the main system to be developed

Relief actions for the protection of the national first aid regulations are required to distort the truth to conceal a public apology

Shenzhen newspaper (Reporter Ruan Xiaoguang) whether the exemption should enjoy protection? Ordinance (draft)

yesterday, the

reporter learned that acts of assistance tailored protection legislation, which was first in the country. Reporters saw in the main system to be developed, including helping behavior social incentive systems, helping behavior exemption system, by helping those who help system, etc., and as one of the biggest highlights, by the burden of proof by the salvor, which will greatly solve the community’s enthusiastic people to do good deeds,

legislative background to make up for lack of a system

encourage mutual love

It is understood that the Shenzhen in 1992 formulated the Regulations to protect courageous people.

but the rule of law, Shenzhen Research Institute, researchers into a new week that the kind of protection when the exemption helping behavior problems.




Keywords: distortion of the facts required to distort the truth to conceal


appropriate disciplinary measures. According to the , and by the police to fine or administrative detention; suspected of a crime will be transferred to judicial organs according to law.


Keywords: follow-up assistance

rescuer to enjoy the series follow-up assistance

follow-up assistance to address the worries of rescue.


rescue injured

such as shared work-related injuries treated in medical expenses, the belongs to the workers, as if injured, shall have the right work-related injury insurance benefits; does not belong to the workers, their medical expenses, funeral expenses by the Shenzhen Social Security Fund.

rescue people died due to pension or relief act condolences disability payments, follow the

legal aid:

prosecution can apply for legal aid

in legal aid, the judicial and administrative authorities to apply for legal aid.

condolences system:

government sent condolences to the salvor

government will establish a system for the salvor sympathy, have a significant social impact of the relief or substantial damage to the salvor , and arrange for relief or his condolences to the families.

encourage witnesses:


According to regulations, and being the salvor salvor acts on the rescue event of a dispute, witnesses to testify for the relief provided evidence that can be verified, Shenzhen Social Security Fund shall be material reward.


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