According to the State Oceanic Administration

Two crew members were slightly injured one of them out of danger security for the State Oceanic Administration staff cause of the crash is still under investigation

Reporters on the 9th from the State Oceanic Administration was informed that the Antarctic Zhongshan Station local time at 21:20 on December 8th (morning Beijing time), our 28th Antarctic scientific expedition team configuration perform inspection tasks Antarctic crashed two crew members safe out of danger.


They escape the helicopter crashed ice
one person slightly injured
According to China’s 28th Antarctic scientific expedition team report, the Antarctic Zhongshan Station local time at 21:20 on December 8th, 2011 (Beijing time at 0:20 on December 9, 2011), the configuration of the expedition, Card 32 helicopter (No. B-7810) in the implementation of not successful, the helicopter crashed on sea ice damage.

It is reported that two crew members on machine safety out of danger, and has been back in time to rescue

The helicopter in December 2008 purchased from Russia in 2009, was officially installed my Antarctic expedition. This is the third time with the team perform the aircraft mission in Antarctica, owned by the China Polar Research Center, commissioned by Citic General Aviation Co., Ltd. to manage and implement the Antarctic mission.

After receiving the report, the State Oceanic Administration, immediately start the related emergency response mechanism to require expedition to suspend the work activities, depending on site conditions, accident investigation and evidence collection and managed to crash the helicopter wreckage collection. Cause of the accident is under investigation.


Crew for the SOA staff

Reporters morning stakeholders from the State Oceanic Administration was informed that the expedition of China’s Zhongshan Station in Antarctica in the plane crash, the crew of the SOA’s own staff.

According to the source, the State Oceanic Administration team about the aircraft is divided into three, one is responsible for the polar aircraft inspection; the other is used for maritime surveillance aircraft, these aircraft are usually parked in the ocean surveillance ship, used for maritime surveillance aircraft have three; addition, there are other uses of the aircraft.

According to the National Oceanic relevant sources, the general unit of China’s Antarctic research are conducted mainly in the Great Wall Station teams, team Zhongshan Station and Kunlun Station team,

Reporters morning connections limited liability company Citic General Aviation head of Mr. Wang, according to Mr. Wang said, CITIC general aviation helicopters back in 1999 there have been similar to the phenomenon of landing, when the company an ordinary civilian helicopter made a forced landing due to failure in Shanghai.

Aircraft from the Polar Research Center

According to the State Oceanic Administration, Polar office personnel, the State Oceanic Administration, a unit in Shanghai, the name for the China Polar Research Center. The center is mainly responsible for

And every time the management of the use of aircraft in Antarctica, there is a each Antarctic expedition, from Shenzhen, the company carried out with the aircraft and crew.

Snow Dragon expedition route

Set sail from Tianjin in early November, the

Cape Town, South Africa, after the supply by February 18, 2012 return to the Zhongshan Station for the second session, March 10 left Zhongshan Station for home by the Australian Port of Fremantle.

April 8, 2012,


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