and is the subject of crime at various cases as bribes.

Yesterday, the Although it is a rest day, but football’s anti-gambling fight case to go to trial 19 began, but the courthouse, but he is not lonely. More than three in the afternoon, there are already three forty correspondents to

There are indications that, Tieling Intermediate People’s Court is ready.

2.6 million bribery

Gaosuibuyou Thailand today, prompting the first stage will be the first woman director Zhang Jianqiang, the Chinese Football Association. According to the reporter, Zhang Jianqiang involved amounted to 260 million yuan.

Jianqiang in 1992 into the State Sport General Administration of football management center, and has served as judge of the Chinese Football Association secretary general and director of women, in March 2010 on suspicion of taking bribes arrested by public security organs according to law. 16, Tieling Intermediate People’s Court issued hearing notices will be 19, said Zhang Jianqiang bribery trial accused of non-national staff bribery case. Tieling Intermediate People’s Court that the notice has clearly confessed bribery Jianqiang’s case falls, and is the subject of crime at various cases as bribes.

Previously, Zhang Jianqiang, CCTV has disclosed the relevant facts, including 700,000 yuan for accepting bribes, and command control of the referee Lu Jun 2003 A League Shanghai Shenhua and Shanghai International team were arrested for that game, Jianqiang himself This also confessed. According to Zhang Jianqiang, reviewed the case said the indictment related personnel, as the Chinese Football Association in the referee committee secretary-general, Zhang Jianqiang received other bribes on many occasions, have combined to meet the identity management center staff received bribes, two counts of The total amount of up to 260 million yuan.

According to informed sources, Zhang Jianqiang, most of the amount of bribes are non-national staff received when the subject of crime, but also in the arrest, Zhang Jianqiang initiative honest, positive ill-gotten gains, account of the public security organs have not yet mastered, the court is likely to according to its lighter sentence. Nevertheless, even according to the

Only four media allowed to attend

From the But the good news when the 2011 articles have not yet turned, when we finally see Yang Yimin, Zhang Jianqiang, Lu Jun, Wang Po, Huang Chun-chieh, Zhou Weixin these familiar names, respectively, and Dandong in Tieling Intermediate People’s Court hearing the bulletin.

Posted in Tieling Intermediate People’s Court prior to the announcement, visit the media also can be However, notice posted beginning, non-court staff access to all visitors who are subject to strict limitations. It is understood that in order to meet the upcoming trial, Tieling Intermediate People’s Court some time ago specifically installed a new monitoring system, on the first floor also installed a new camera equipment, security personnel have begun to meet the challenge.

Not only is the security system upgrade, the relevant departments of the media resolutely defending also continue to escalate. Following the previous regulations only four central media can enter the court room to attend after 17, Liaoning Province, the major media have received notice of the relevant departments, shall not be published, broadcast Correspondents required for anti-gambling articles taken from the trial, only the pass is issued using the national media. Had been considered the most fortunate of national media, this time it is also among the depressed. A national media counterparts, told reporters they are now very limited resources, .


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