the European Union and the United Kingdom and other human rights situation

Russian Foreign Ministry on the 28th issued a lengthy report on human rights, criticized the United States, the European Union and the United Kingdom and other human rights situation, saying that the legalization of torture, racial discrimination, immigration, and terrorism and the indiscriminate use of force in humanitarian operations and other issues. Report directed at the United States will impose its own legal citizens of other countries

The report in the arrested and extradited by the United States, Jarraud Tymoshenko accused of drug trafficking by the United States as the most typical of the two events.

Russia accused the United States and Washington, then the human rights situation of human rights is far from ideal. The primary unresolved issue is still detained in Guantanamo prison 171 prisoners suspected of terrorism, U.S. President Barack Obama even announced their indefinite detention and the legalization of illegal detention. Russia said the U.S. did not stop in areas of armed conflict in violation of international humanitarian acts and continue to abuse of the anti-terrorism force.

Report, the United States since the UN Secretary General Special Representative for Afghanistan announced a de Mistura, 1,500 casualties in Afghanistan in 2010, of which 14% died of an international coalition at gunpoint, while the first half of 2011, the number of casualties has increased 15% over 2010 .

The Russian Foreign Ministry reiterated on African American and Latin American ethnic minorities and other U.S. concerns, the report says, the white areas of these races in the United States poor living conditions, limited employment opportunities, lack of adequate medical care and public services, there is crime.

The lengthy report pointed that there are eight British human rights issues, including the United Kingdom in August this year, urban youth detained after violent riots over the normal range and poor detention conditions, resulting in several deaths; British abuse of Iraqi prisoners of war died in 2003 event 2011 re-confirmed; Anglo-American intelligence agencies had helped Gaddafi monitor dissidents and suspected torture and so on.

Russia accused of racism and xenophobia in the EU countries, including the attitude towards refugees and immigrants. Reported that, in health, education, housing security, and other aspects of the EU countries there are serious racial discrimination, discrimination in employment mainly from Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Lithuania and Romania.


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