Special Forces who had served the veterans


Special Forces who had served the veterans, their drug trafficking gangs in the provincial capital has been engaged in drug dealing, drug trafficking crazy. The evening of December 29, the group is Qingshan Lake Public Security Bureau of Nanchang drug brigade destroyed in one fell swoop, drug-related suspects were arrested four and seized drugs, million yuan, vehicle crime and two machetes two.

Retired special forces engaged in drug trafficking activities

October of this year, Castle Lake Public Security Bureau Narcotics unit seized an important message to: Ryu led to four high-frequency drug gangs in urban centers in the province of drug dealing.

According to the Public Security Bureau Qingshan Lake Liu police anti-narcotics battalion introduced about 40 years old Liu, who in 1992 served in special forces, there is a strong anti-reconnaissance capabilities. The drug gangs are part of the drug trade

Drug traffickers in the hotel trade

After two months of investigation, the police finally seized on 28 December an important clue: Liu Nanchang camphor in the forest near the modern design hotel in the drug trade.

In the afternoon, anti-drug police to check out the location of the hotel scene familiar environment, but has been waiting for 4 am the following day failed to find traces of the suspect Liu.

8 o’clock in the evening of December 29, Liu finally appeared in the police field of vision, squat in the hotel lobby had two police found Liu entered the hotel and a woman. In order not to arouse his suspicions, the police did not immediately take action, but sent a police follow the suspect to the hotel after the fifth floor, and note the room number where Liu.

Drug gangs were destroyed

Police immediately decided on the ongoing drug trade Ryu and a million arrests.

21:30 or so, a million and a woman out of the room, the police quickly stepped forward and arrested him. Then, the police burst into the room, the suspect Liu and a woman under control. Drug-related police was arrested four suspects and seized drugs,


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