After nearly a whole day struggling to rescue the Russian strategic nuclear submarine Currently

In recent years, the Russian armed forces and military industry accident-prone, often can cause very serious damage, many of these incidents because of safety criteria were as unheeded.

After nearly a whole day struggling to rescue the Russian strategic nuclear submarine Currently, the fire has caused them have been discharged, the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations of the incident radiation situation surrounding areas were detected, the results showed no abnormalities. Nevertheless, the Russian media still urged the authorities to the accident summary for this painful lesson.

Lucky is not a nuclear leak

Moscow time at 16:20 on December 29th 2011, when the Fortunately, the report stressed that the nuclear-powered submarine fire device is turned off, because the submarine was undergoing maintenance, operation of nuclear reactors must be stopped, allowing the public how much the mind to.

It is understood that, Construction personnel to work with fire, accidentally ignited a makeshift wooden scaffolding up, followed by another point of the submarine surface layer of a special rubber cover, the flames quickly spread on a large body of the submarine off. Although no spread to the internal compartment, the scene is still very dangerous situation.

Local emergency department immediately dispatched 60 fire engines rushed to the scene and 11 units, parking in the vicinity of a large anti-submarine is also involved in fire fighting tasks. After 19 hours of fighting, the fire was finally extinguished. Emergency Situations Ministry spokesman told reporters that the Russian news agency, burned area of ​​150 square meters, fortunately, no one died during the rescue, only two members of the Emergency Situations Ministry and seven sailors on the boat because of inhalation of toxic gases were taken to hospital. 30, they have all been discharged.

Despite the repeated emphasis on the submarine’s nuclear reactor safety, many organizations still require environmental monitoring radiation situation in the surrounding region for close inspection. Emergency Situations Ministry quickly responded to their requests, the results show that the value of the normal nuclear radiation.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev also issued an order to investigate the accident, instructed the head of the Russian deputy prime minister with the shipbuilding 伊戈尔谢钦 and has just been appointed, the Deputy Prime Minister responsible for defense industry Dmitry Rogozin care the matter.

Maintenance difficult and unpredictable consequences

Severodvinsk City Igor Crow Te Qinke military experts pointed out that the Department of Defense will form the first group of experts to assess the situation of the boat, and then decide how to repair, it will be a complex process. He said: , and, the fire’s temperature is very high, part of the structure or components may cause deformation results of the assessment may be very optimistic.

Currently, the submarine will be acceptable where the maintenance has not been determined. After the fire was extinguished, the Russian Defense Ministry has said, do not rule out the submarine submersion in water to make it back to normal as soon as the temperature of the possibilities.

克罗特琴科 added that this show from the very serious incident, the Russian military production implementation procedures there is a big problem. Russia’s The newspaper cited a number of similar incidents, many of them,

Russia’s efforts to change this situation, but the style of work has become more lax,


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