will be 7 years in research and development

According to the Xinhua News Agency Xinhua last month, U.S. 30, Boeing received a U.S. Department of Defense missile defense system orders worth $ 3.48 billion .

According to the U.S. Department of Defense statement , Boeing beat Lockheed – Martin , Department of Defense continues to be the primary long-range missile defense system contractor .

Boeing and Northrop Grumman team beat Lockheed – Martin and Raytheon team , will be 7 years in research and development , testing, design, manufacturing middle ground-based ballistic defense program . Middle ground-based ballistic defense system involving land, sea and space , the goal is to intercept ballistic missiles of various ranges .

Boeing vice president and program director Noam figure in the Defense Department said in a statement , I believe this competition ,

Boeing previously said that since January 2001, the project became the first Department of Defense contractors since Boeing brought the value of this project is approximately $ 18 billion.

Lockheed Martin did not immediately respond to this order


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