the CPC Central Committee approved

China news agency, Wuhan, January 6 – Hubei Provincial People’s Congress , according to the official website announced 6 , January 5 meeting of the twenty-eighth session of the Eleventh Standing Committee of Hubei Province decided to appoint : Wang Xiaodong, Vice Governor of Hubei Province governor . The meeting also decided to vote to accept Li Xiansheng , section round a deputy governor of Hubei Province, resigned from office . More than two deputy governor ‘s resignation , the Eleventh National People’s Congress of Hubei Province reported five meetings for the record.

Wang Xiaodong , male , Han nationality, born in January 1960 , Jiangxi Xinfeng who had appointed the CPC Guizhou Provincial Committee, Deputy Governor . December 2011 , the CPC Central Committee approved : Xiaodong any Hubei Provincial Committee, Standing Committee ; Li Xiansheng no longer serve as Hubei Provincial Committee member. Previously, the CPC Central Committee decided that the original CPC Hubei Provincial Committee, Deputy Governor Li Xiansheng transferred to the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee, Standing Committee , deputy secretary .

According to the Hubei Provincial People’s Government official website shows a segment wheel , a former deputy mayor of Wuhan , the CPC secretary of Jingzhou City , Hubei Provincial Government Secretary-General , Vice Chairman of Hubei Province , Vice Governor of Hubei Province .

According to the Hubei Provincial People’s Congress announced , selected by the Wuhan City, Hubei Province of the Eleventh People’s Congress Li Xiansheng adjustment has been removed due to work , Hubei , and its representation in termination . Wang Xiaodong, Wuhan in Hubei Province People’s Congress election Eleventh People’s Congress . (


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