Indoor plant flowers in the winter

The approach of winter, indoor fenestration significantly reduced the frequency ventilation, air ventilation is not good, they easily lead to the modernization of household goods of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other poisonous gases increase, to some extent, also against our body. If we can raise in the bedroom where green plants can beautify the environment play a role, but also benefit the health of the owner.


Also known as hook-lan, hanging orchids, bluegrass Senate, folding and other crane-lan, an Liliaceae origin South Africa, known as the home of “purifiers.”

Related Species: Chlorophytum Phnom Penh, the heart Chlorophytum, silver edge Chlorophytum.

Suitable range: There is no limit on the living area.

The main functions: to eliminate the formaldehyde pollution inside the house, and have a strong ability to smoke pollution.

Morphological characteristics: perennial evergreen herb, underground fleshy root, hypertrophy. Trilobal such as Portland, stem-side Xiaomiao fireworks may overflowing, very elegant, is the living room with a good hanging foliage plants.

Conservation Methods: Chlorophytum hi warm and humid environment, not cold, for fear the scorching sun exposure. Suitable temperature between 15-20 ℃ in winter should be higher than 5 ℃. On soil not strict, but it must be good drainage. Opt for a neutral soil cultivation for , can be suspended by the small and medium-sized flower planting.

Chlorophytum room inside the top pot within 24 hours can be indoor carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and other harmful gases absorb clean, play the role of air filters.


Also known as ivory ball, a cactus Branch, Mexico and Central origin.

Suitable range: newly renovated room, study, or 40 square meters living room -150 square meters.

The main functions: to absorb formaldehyde, ether and other decoration generated toxic and harmful gases, radiation absorption computer.

Morphological Characteristics: Perennial succulent plant, stems spherical, large, high-30-120cm, diameter up to l00cm, single-sheng. Stem ball neatly arranged Prism, gill Block larger, with radial barbed hard about 3cm, golden yellow.

Conservation Methods: Echinocactus like adequate lighting and high-temperature environment, intolerant direct the scorching sun in summer and not cold. Request containing calcareous sandy soil. Winter temperatures above 15 ℃, spraying mist regularly to the ball. Conservation breeding for decades to stem the ball great, very spectacular. 40 ~ 50 ℃ in temperature, if there is no direct hot sun is still growing well.

Because Section cactus plants can absorb formaldehyde, ether and other harmful gases decoration, so the most suitable for indoor Culture. It can be a 24-hour oxygen and absorb radiation computer.

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