only to receive a central station two channels

Dark face, a big strong rough hands, a soil covered with camouflage, walking in the Liaodong secluded cove, met the He called Jin You, Shenyang Military District range caretaker, his deep in the mountain range have been alone held out for 20 years.

On the open range, the soldiers are nervously for small arms fire training. Friends sitting on a gold short distance on the hill, silently watching the shooting range on the lively young fellow who – 20 years ago, he was the same as these young comrades, fought on this range.

In 1991, the Shenyang Military District in the Liaodong built deep in the mountains at this range. Who guards to find range, when military leaders think about consuming a fan: people want practical work hard, the best families living in rural areas. At that time the volunteers have been in service for seven years by military leaders selected gold friends.

That winter, Jin You entered carrying luggage alone range. Alone on the hillside three small tile-roofed house quietly stand in a corner shooting range, covered by white snow, like a hill.

Day, with snow in the air and dance, to wreak havoc with the cold and windy, there are a variety of birds and beasts of strange sounds. Watching this humble house and the only one telephone contact with the outside world, Jin You a big heart suddenly cold half. He wanted to make leadership difficult, but then go back to the mouth and pharynx: Somebody has to dry and then hard, not to mention his name or veterans, veteran party members.

Six months later, troops understand the difficulties of the Friends of gold, sent to cover the county of Liaoning, his young wife and 3-year-old son received a gold pass range. Since then, the simple and honest man of the Friends of gold often bursting out with a smile to his face.

There are not many tasks of the day, more often range in empty. No one to play with, gold was often the son of friends who went to the family raised a little lamb beside himself:

Open range is particularly quiet winter night outside Solanum mournful whistling wind, the wife a few fried dishes, Jin You alone drink twenty-two

Friends of his wife, life partner is golden, but also his care range of Every day at dawn, the couple get up to inspect ranges, organize training equipment. Morning, the Oscar on his wading through the river in front of the piece, more than three miles to walk outside the village primary school.

Here life is very convenient, but Jin You never mentioned requirements to the organization. While in the care of a good range, he ranges into the surrounding chaos Shek Kong reclaimed land, grow some vegetables, raise some chickens, ducks, both to improve the living, but also to add some lonely days of life.

These years, the couple in their joint efforts, working and living conditions have been improving. Replaced by three new small tile-roofed house large tile, spacious and clean the house arrayed with 34 inches LCD TV, the roof is also the placement of a solar water heater.

Friends of the family television is the most important gold A few years ago home only a 12-inch black and white TV, or cans made with a simple antenna, only to receive a central station two channels, and Liaoning. Now, with his troops made a LCD TV, plus the installation of his own

Internet era, gold has driven the fashionable friends. 2011, a spring, he was riding a motorcycle to town to buy a computer. I did not expect, not where broadband installation, computer network can not be bought together.

Friends said King, to see soldiers on the firing range lively figure, listening to

Whenever there is fire protection mission, Jin You get up before dawn, his soldiers to catch the target before the arrival of the various facilities placed in place. Training period, he and his wife saw the soldiers training hard, every time a pot of bean soup on the cook, carried range. Apart from training, love and soldiers Laoke gold, which the soldiers camouflage worn or lost buttons, he will say:

Sunset fade, sunset reflected day, the soldiers one-day training is over. At this time, with his wife Kim Friends of the training equipment in an orderly manner silently swung back to the warehouse.

Days without training mission, Jin You still 4 am every day to get up to park ranger, because within the range of trees is also under his supervision. Each park ranger, he leaning on a stick, walked along I do not know how many times the trail, away for more than two hours.

Range within the region every tree as his children, he even put the tree’s life more important than our own. Previously, the villagers often steal the tree, because Jin You,

Care and maintenance of a good range training facilities need to be careful even more seriously. Once, gold members in the finishing training facilities, and found two pit cover was gone. He immediately thought of the day old Liu has been in the range of villagers while wandering around. That night, friends came to the old King Liu, to return the missing pit lid.

From youth to the temples whitish, Jin You endured unimaginable loneliness and hardships, as an unknown, like the pine roots in the mountains, the best 20 years of life are dedicated to the mountains.

Friends said King, in fact, he is not so lofty, that 20 years have had a hesitation. Streamlined force in 1998, he has served 13 years expire, in Yingkou of his home to find a paid job. Think about these days of remote places in ravines, he also wanted to give Kim a stable life through Niangliang. Range where he has not as streamlined abolished, but expanded scale. Organizational needs, but also to dispel the idea that he retired.

In 2009, Kim served 25 years Friends of five non-commissioned officers expired, retired to the station for retired cadres. When the troops proposed to continue his care range, this the rest of him, but one agreed. Let Jinyou proud that his son grew up from childhood in the gold range pass, but also glorious army, has become a non-commissioned officers.

20 years, Jin Youjian keep deep in the mountains, not seeking heard of, do not envy the rich, even the statutory holidays off almost without a break, come home for one year is also rare.

Today, gold is most worried about friends far away in the cover of the old county home mother. Range due care get away, Jin You only in the winter only when each trip back home, and have come back after just two days. He had much to call home, every time he should be asked:

Every time you put down phone, gold wood in place a long time old friends did not speak. Mother’s age, and he was not around filial piety, full of guilt gold Friends. But friends said Kim, 20 years, my range of plants and trees have a deep affection, if the force-building needs, I will continue to stick in here, this is my glorious mission.


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