Xu Tieying third brother

Yongnian liberation two years later than the victory. China’s Anti-Japanese War in 1945, the end of Japan’s unconditional surrender, and Yongnian county until October 5, 1947 until the liberation. The reason for this is caused by two puppet army captain, a guard is false Yongnian Wang Zemin, deputy United captain, a pseudo-independent brigade Xu Tieying Jing’an (nicknamed iron grinder), a total of 1,650 puppet troops, plus some of the traitor , bandits, bullies, the use of military forces engaged in the Shanxi my battle to fight the opportunity to Handan, dug Fuyang River levee, Yongnian Wali to turn on the water, submerged dike ring five, Pei Tun, up and down the piers, embankment slide, lotus mouth in 19 villages and 1.5 acres of land. Yongnian depression will form a north to south and 9 li, li 8 east to west, with a total area of ​​about 70 large square li drenched.

Yongnian Yongnian depression in the northwest of the city on high ground, the walls 11 meters high, 8 m thick end of the city, outside the city but also water depth 5 m, 20 m wide moat around, easily defensible.

The city of Ping-Han lines – Handan City, October 1945 to the liberation, then the original southern Hebei Yongnian three partition in addition to more than 10 outside the county are successively liberated. For the rear Yongnian this isolated military base in the Shanxi Military Liu, Deng wanted it destroyed the head twice, once early in January 1946, the sixth season of the column to the use of ice lay Yongnian, but the temperature is high, the city on Tuesday, 300 meters deep lots without ice, were dropped. The second time was in June 1946, the second column in cooperation with local forces quickly captured the Yongnian City and north of the things Chengguan ice pit, killed the younger brother of iron grinding Xuchang Qi Li and Wang Zemin’s chief of staff, full secondary. June 15, the city’s military offensive was launched on Yongnian, our artillery on the walls of blasting, blasting pitch because of the new pontoon ride too close to the pontoon algorithm of fault, commandos can not move forward, the siege was forced to stop.

Two unsuccessful siege, more than 600 officers and men of my injuries, bloody lessons that we storm into the siege. In June 1946, we mobilized Yongnian, Fei Xiang, Quzhou, Jize, Handan County 5 50 000 workers, around 50 Yongnian depression repair a li-long City revised the size of the towers 59, 170 bunkers, repair cover operations room 164, near the deep water outside the city also erected more than 10,000 at the root stakes, and planted more than 10,000 pieces of various types of mines, outside the city and narrow surface Yongnian City West, North on both sides of the besieging forces by the PLA defense, the water wide, east and south sides by the militia sentry, not to mention the enemy out Qiangliang is also difficult to escape out of a military surveillance eyes. See the effect this big move, with the changes in the development of war, the enemy had a hard time, and ate each battlefield defeat, Yongnian City, a small group of cannon fodder for the degree of attention gradually faded out. Since September 17, 1947 since the end of Yongnian City dropped. Because of hunger, the enemy within the king, many persons complaining, and some want to kill them surrendered to the army.

October 1, 1947, the enemy again and again long Li Qingchun 2 find me carrying a basket of bullets 5 independent deputy head Cui Zhiguo, asking him to give him twelve pounds of rice, soup boil point came after he led the troops to surrender. Cui, deputy head gave him 30 kilos of rice, 20 kilos of bread, will he return, and told him to be careful. Lee went back, side arrangement of surrender, one side to see iron grinding head, grinding iron was about to touch shot dead, was a confidant of many to seize his hand, iron grinding spot to kill Lee, then Lee’s wife was also killed .

This one, the city would be in total chaos Yongnian. October 3 morning, Wang Zemin independent business a long Huyu Kun led again and again with 1, 3, and spy platoon leader with 180 people, killing more than 10 monitors to block their enemy, they braved the hail of bullets to kill our military to surrender. Surrender to the army to prepare the report to the city to break through the enemy’s movements. Originally, Wang, Xu saw two city without food, lose morale has not holed, they intend to break. To not affect their breakout, the first people who do not want to go with them to kill, a cook with Wang Zemin years old, because that do not want to go, he incurs the king shot to death.

Evening of 3 October 1947, the enemy to paralyze us, send Yanjing An, Hebei old wear, Zhang Yanbin come to us to surrender negotiations. Army against the enemy’s surrender three conditions: First, the first commander of the KMT sent Zhong Yulin and radio to pay out; Second, the withdrawal of four off troops, all concentrated in the city, lay down their arms, waiting to receive; three hours to surrender no more than at 15:00 on October 4th.

October 4, 1947, army officers and soldiers in the continuous rain in the city closely watching the enemy’s movement. 15:00 has passed, but not to lower the enemy, that enemy surrender to be false. As a result, our military to camp as a unit, sent to the deep water swimming whistle and found the enemy to break through. Starting from 15:20, has a number of small stocks over 440 total surrender to the army. Wang Zemin Zhang Wanzhen Independent Battalion, the first report after the surrender to the army, the enemy is concentrating on the city, will soon break. 21:00, Yongnian City, northwest corner of the direction of the enemy in the water heard the cry: the Eighth Route Army, we are to surrender, and where to go ah? Bianhan side desperately rushed over. Ascertain the enemy to break through, then our military commanders under the command of the fire. After fierce fighting, the enemy killed 720 people. After more than 400 enemy breakthrough 2nd Battalion command post where I went to Plum Village, 11 2nd Battalion was my handyman who catch 35 prisoners. I reserve 5 groups of two companies rushed to the Plum Village, surrounded by the enemy, through fighting, in addition to a number of enemy killed on the spot, and more than 200 enemy prisoners of war, the enemy commander Zhong Yulin also captured alive.

Wang Zemin, Xu Tieying and immediately went after the break over a hundred people trusted the direction of escape Anyang. The enemy did not dare take the road, muddy road in the rain the night before more than 20 miles away, dawn he went to Handan East Village, a large temple to help Jen, I am still bi villagers soldiers were found. The sound of gunfire, the village militia are all alarmed. Dawn on the 6th, the enemy went into the County Town of Lu Village Mall, 3 Wang Zemin sent a regiment of Fok leading four of the packs Feibing village reconnaissance situation, search and seize food. They pretend the Eighth Route Army, claiming to be high Houliang commander of the team, give them out to the militia rice. Always because of a guilty conscience, they won the gun militia, militia deputy head Li Wenxiang high Houliang immediately under the militia commander of the team’s Xiqiao Shi gun volley independent group reporting to the troops. I am the head of an independent group 6 after receiving the report, Zhao again and again to send 5 phase with 20 enemy soldiers surrounded these five. After questioning, the enemy’s answer flawed. The enemy would like to turn to escape, killed the enemy commander Zhao Huo Jian’s head and another soldier, the other three were captured alive.

Jia Village Square West is the enemy heard the shots immediately rushed into the village, and I even hit 5, after a fierce street fighting, the enemy rushed to the north of the village on a sand dune, my independent groups 1, 2 battalions of 6 Warriors rush to start melee combat with the enemy dunes. One hour put the enemy killed. Wang Zemin, Xu Tieying other 70 people were killed, Wang Zemin’s chief of staff travel home Gui, Director Li Yihuan political training, Xu Tieying third brother, and so on more than 50 captured alive, no one escaped.

October 4, 1947 midnight, Yongnian army into the city, eliminate Candi, sweep the battlefield. Facing the October 5, 1947 sunrise, was the Japanese ravaged eight years, has been the king, Xu Yongnian City declared a two-year entrenched the liberation.


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