Xieshang Wei

Hangzhou Wu Juping hand to catch the falling 10 floor 2-year-old girl was friends known as January 27, Harbin, there have been such a hero, he called Xieshang Wei, 28-year-old, he caught a 5 floor fall unarmed 15-year-old boy. Fortunately, the boy just left wrist fracture, intracranial bleeding slightly, there is no danger, and Xie Shangwei only minor injuries to the lower back and coccyx, has been home recuperating.

Boy falls off firecrackers window

Rescued child named Fu Jiawei, is double the city of Harbin City, two days of high school students in Korea town of Austin, with his mother and stepfather Diaoguang Jun Gong Yu-juan Han town of Austin in Building A farmer living in new home communities. This is a building with a semi-basement, Fu Jiawei family lived on the fifth floor of the building’s fifth floor equivalent to the normal half.

January 29, in double the city People’s Hospital, Temple Yujuan recalled the scene that day still nervous trembling voice: Tell your child to get up to the downstairs while firecrackers, over two minutes when I heard ‘ah’ sound, I ran over a child’s bedroom, when I was terrified, the children are following window frame his hands, the wrists, the longer the body house of.

sliding down a little but I Hande no voice, and then see the Xieshang Wei of Building B and I asked him to take my child, and he ran, I was also boring, and the child fell down the whole process also twenty-three minutes.

Hand to catch 110-pound boy

Xieshang Wei, Han Austin town, height 182cm, in Guangzhou, a company engaged in the fabric procurement. children call me, from the bottom up can only see a pair of feet wearing black socks kicking the wall disorder, I immediately ran over, pushed to the ground floor of the motorcycle, just reach out, the children would fall off. I only think chest startled, a bulging belly, a black eyes, fainted.

Ms Lau said witnesses heard cries for help, she saw hanging on the fifth floor window a child, when I saw Xieshang Wei is flying past, blink of an eye, a child fell down, two people are down to the ground, stunned at the scene see her.

They found a two to two dual handlebar City People’s Hospital Emergency Center. the reward, but Xie Shangwei are politely refused.

After a medical examination, Xie Shangwei only slightly injured lower back and coccyx, the needle hit the anti-inflammatory the day at noon to go home to recuperate. The Fu Jiawei stable condition, no longer life threatening.

family is very grateful to him.

To save time when you did not want other

Speaking of the original is how to save time, Xie Shangwei very flat about: up and I do not think having more noble, although some people say I am silly, but I am worthy of conscience. after the family did not blame me, I do believe that right. even the bosses know this post in Guangzhou, injury to me not to go back to work, but also that understanding.


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