U.S. $ 3.1 billion

According to the Xinhua News Agency British real estate tycoon Vincent Qinkui Ci is under the name of 250 000 of real estate to find a buyer to repay the debt.
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For sale real estate , including single-family homes and apartments, the total number of accounting for stock of the UK property market is about 1% , 4 % in southeast England , of which 15 000 in the British capital London . The real estate average remaining lease term of 60 years. After the expiration of the owners may decide to withdraw or continue to be rented .

These real estate liabilities of approximately £ 2 billion ( U.S. $ 3.1 billion ) . Qin Kuici hope that the houses to raise 3 billion pounds ( $ 4.7 billion ) . Iranian -American real estate agency told the British

The Qin Kuici ‘s brother Robert is the largest shareholder of the Bank of Iceland Keyipuxin from this bank for a total of 1.7 billion pounds ( $ 2.7 billion ) loan .

British major fraud Prosecutor’s Office during the investigation Keyipuxin bank failure case , in March last year to arrest the brothers . End of last year , the Fraud Prosecutor’s Office acknowledged that the application for a search the Qin Kuici London office mistakes , an arrest warrant and then revoked . Qin Kuici its reputation and business damage requiring Fraud Prosecutor’s Office compensation .


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