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BEIJING , Feb. 22 – According to Taiwan ‘s United Daily News reported that Taiwan’s military in the 1980s by the Netherlands to introduce Taiwan’s navy confirmed that the procurement to the United States , the UGM – 84L submarine-launched Harpoon missiles , has been completed in the United States test-fired the next two ships will be the installation of related systems , is expected next year is expected to complete readiness . This is Taiwan’s armed forces submarine attachment missiles for the first time , to have the long-range ability to combat the enemy ships .
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The Harpoon missile is the Navy ‘s standard anti-ship missiles , AGM -84 including aircraft , surface ships , the RGM – 84 , the UGM -84 submarine use . Taiwan Navy Kidd-class destroyers and Knox-class frigates , the Taiwan Air Force F – 16 use harpoon , coupled with the procurement of submarine , making the Taiwan military’s future from the air, surface, underwater launch missile attack enemy ships .

In 2001 , the United States announced the sale of eight diesel-electric submarines to Taiwan , and also allows the export submarines with Harpoon missiles and Mk.48 torpedoes . The new submarines so far in the

Assessment of Taiwan’s navy , the decision to purchase the submarine-launched Harpoon , plan code-named Mk.48 torpedoes, not active duty U.S. military ‘s latest performance and the Taiwan military is now used German-made SUT torpedo less , so not purchasing .

In October 2008 , the U.S. Department of Defense reported to Congress , the sale of 36 submarine-launched Harpoon missiles , including four practice rounds , as well as carrier-based control systems and parts , the total amount of $ 200 million .

According to reports, the submarine-launched Harpoon is a The missile is mounted in a waterproof container , the water ejected through the torpedo tubes , missile blasted off at this time , a low altitude fly to set the target location , the final stage and then turn on the radar seeker , calibration of enemy ships attack .


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