when the morning rush hour

World Wide Web intern reporter Rats Undergone Cerebral reports, according to the British It is reported that the document content as Britain and France to develop advanced UAV project details .

parties news , the police found the two stole the briefcase of the installed files in the Gare du Nord .
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a source familiar with the case to the Le Parisien newspaper said that file box marked details of the development of UAV projects in Britain and France . He said that documents the theft occurred about the morning about five o’clock , when the morning rush hour , the station was crowded .
the sources said:

It is reported that the briefcase is carried by a senior management in France ‘s Dassault Aviation , Dassault said that documents . February 17 ,

, British Prime Minister David Cameron has arrived in Paris with French President Nicolas Sarkozy to discuss cooperation in R & D projects by France’s Dassault and British Airways . According to diplomatic sources , the two companies will explore for high-altitude long-endurance reconnaissance UAV.


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