such as Canada

World Wide Web reporter Tan Julia reported that the India Business Standard, February 28 reported that the global warming trend has become increasingly evident, the Arctic may be some new routes. China is gradually taking measures into the development of the Arctic Ocean to explore new waterway may give India the traditional The newspaper pointed out that the Indian Defense Minister A K Anthony has expressed this concern.
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India Business Standard reported on February 28, said the Indian defense analysts generally believed that India and China war, India can adopt two strategies to be addressed: the land border in the north by the Army and Air Force defense in India, while , with the Navy to block in the Indian Ocean commercial and military transport routes. India has a coastal airport in Andaman and Nicobar Islands and other regions, while the close proximity of the sea fortress in India and Southeast Asia and West Asia, and these can make use of the advantages of the Indian Navy in order for the implementation of China

The report commented that, However, with the current global warming trend is to take measures to increase the commercial and military development on the Arctic Ocean, which would threaten the traditional strategic vision in India, because China can by a new sea route to bypass the Indian Ocean.

Indian Defense Minister AK Antony in New Delhi on the 27th to participate in an international marine seminar expressed this concern. He said: we may need to re-determine the concept of the chokepoint key marine transport routes.

The report further concluded that global warming is the formation of some new marine transportation routes to connect the North Atlantic and the Pacific north of the Northwest Passage, such as Canada, the northern island of the northern waterway linking the North Atlantic and North Pacific and in the South China Sea, northern Russia. Relations with China will be the northern waterway. This route not only enable China to avoid any potential in the Indian Ocean


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