Tips for putting flowers in the dedroom

Plant flowers, can not only beautify the environment, active atmosphere can also clean up the air, the room line up of harmful substances; but some of the flowers will have a negative impact, should be cause for concern. The indoor environment of hazardous substances as much as thousands of species, of which the most important and most see the following: radon, the radioactive, formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, vinyl chloride, nitrogen oxides and carbon oxides, and so on. In addition, the increased use of electrical appliances, and make room to reduce the number of negative oxygen ions.

First, plant flowers in the benefits of multi-residential

It is reported that an Aster, Astragalus, including tobacco, and Astragalus is a cockscomb, and so on a class of plants that can absorb a large number of radionuclides such as uranium; aloe, and Chlorophytum Sansevieria can remove formaldehyde; Ivy, Rose , Rose, evergreen, such as aloe vera and effectively remove the indoor TCE, sulfur than hydrogen, benzene, phenol, hydrogen fluoride and ethyl ether, and so on; Sansevieria, and Monstera Pleione, and other indoor absorb more than 80% of harmful Gas; days, the door could be remove heavy metal particles Branch; citrus, rosemary and so on can Chlorophytum indoor airborne bacteria and microbes greatly reduced. In addition effectively Chlorophytum can absorb carbon dioxide; cactus branches of some of the meat more carbon dioxide few flowers at night; on Wisteria sulfur dioxide, chlorine and hydrogen fluoride strong resistance, the chromium is also a certain degree of resistance, such as green radish leaves Daiwa hi Water plants can maintain good indoor air humidity state.

Second, before the bedroom to spend about

Despite the benefits of multi-family plant flowers, but before the bedroom to spend about because during the day, flowers during photosynthesis, is off oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide; at night, flowers do not carry out photosynthesis, and spits out carbon dioxide and oxygen absorption . At this time, if placed in the bedroom of flowers, will be harmful to health. Therefore:

1, in the bedroom, the night of the best small let go or put flowers in order to avoid his colleagues for oxygen, the impact on health;

2, and some flowers, both fresh air, but also to the people some of the adverse impact in the bedroom not beat the best release, such as the Chinese rose, although to a large number of harmful gases, but the distribution of its rich flavor, Does not make people depressed, feel suffocated, and even heavy breathing difficulties; such as azaleas, tulips, lilies and leaves, such as orang Mu can also absorb volatile chemicals, but the yellow (flower) cuckoo flower endotoxin contains a miscellaneous, mistaken Food poisoning are light, will re-off history (Note: do not sell on the market), most of the referrals contain some of the rhododendron and azalea-volatile oil, and other elements of bronchitis and asthma have a certain effect; tulip flowers contain a poisonous Base, it is reported that for a long time will have come into contact with hair gel to speed up loading, the scent of lilies, for a long time to hear people make the central cause of insomnia and over-excitement.

3, and some flowers, such as bauhinia pollen, for a long time will have come into contact with disease-induced asthma or cough cases increase; mimosa mimosa base of the body is a very toxic organic enforcement, human contact would cause too much hair gel Down; Tuberose night’s sense of smell to stimulate the distribution of particles, would discourage high-blood and heart disease in patients feel dizzy, depressed or even worse, but Tuberose is a watch for the fragrant flower, it’s strong aroma, but also Repellent, for general yard and balcony.

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