What gives the flowers a different psychological feeling

Rhododendron Peony Peach Lotus creative people objectively gas

Large flowers flowers – peonies, peony, rhododendron, etc.

Stimulate people’s creativity, active thinking; alleviate fatigue, be inspired, to improve work efficiency.

Flowers small flowers – lavender, carnations, etc.

Feeling calm and relax the nerves, relieve stress and bad temper are more suitable plant.

Colorful flowers – Gerbera grass, daisy, gerbera, etc.

Can improve memory, enhance the cognitive level; shy of people likely to arouse the desire to speak, has become adept at talking to people; to reduce the offensive and defensive people get along more harmoniously.

On the color of the flowers – white flowers, lilies, peach, etc.

Mentality of peaceful people, to help people in a more detailed perspective of the world, and strengthen the sense of happiness.

Leaves many small flower plants – Brazil Tieshu, Japan, etc. Haitang

Alleviate low mood, help people to re-establish confidence.

A study had found that the power of flower can be maintained for 60 seconds. According to the recent British “The Independent” reported that the United States, New Jersey State University psychology professor Jennifer latest study found that flowers bring good emotional experience far more than 60 seconds. It is this “good feeling” Let the human always love flowers.Kyosho

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