Gardening is refers to the fruit, vegetables, flowers and trees to watch the cultivation and breeding technology. At the same time belongs to agriculture class and agriculture class specialized, gardening graduates in all kinds of agricultural production and the theory of has special advantages. In ancient times, fruit, vegetables and flowers grow often limited within the garden, the field and agricultural production has so called the gardening. Gardening correspondingly divided into fruit trees gardening, vegetable gardening and ornamental gardening.

Gardening is the basis of the agriculture part of human nutrition and beautification, rich change of human living environment to have the important meaning. Horticultural crops generally refers to in small scale of intensive cultivation with high economic value of the crops. Mainly divided into fruit trees, vegetables and ornamental plants 3 kinds big.

Gardening originated from the Stone Age, the Renaissance, gardening in Italy and preach to rise again from all over Europe. Chinese yuen Po started as independent zhou dynasty department has. The training field, in the greenhouse horticulture fruit trees reproductive and cultivation technique, rare flowers varieties of cultivating and horticulture cause with other countries in the extensive exchanges successful. 20 centuries later, gardening production increasingly to business development. The modern gardening has become a comprehensive application of scientific and technological achievements in order to promote the production of important fields. Horticultural products has become perfect human food nutrition and beautification, purify the living environment of the necessities.

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