county apple

The even cool city is rather quiet the “horticulture” revolution of county apple
The sweet Su saves even cool city quiet rather county, the country of Chinese apple, the loess plateau apple advantage of Department of Agriculture dilimitation produces one of the areas.

Calm down rather the apple not only be deeply subjected to consumer’s favor in the domestic, and come out an entrance to a country and stepped on the EU international high level market like this.

Quiet rather the apple why can walk world?According to understanding, in addition to the feat natural condition of the soil, and weather…etc., new technical expansion make use of, is quiet rather the apple achieve important”magic weapon” of good quality.But the artificial teach powder and black film to overaly a technique and have a decisive function.

The artificial teaches powder:The exaltation sits a fruit rate, the heel”disable and sick fruit” says not

At city Chuan country Wu Miao Cun’s an orchard in, the Pei blessing becomes the young fruit that the old man points at a full tree to say:”Can knot a fruit, all depend a little bit ex- pollen for ten days.You see and have never ordered the flower bud of pollen to fall on touching.”

Villager, Wu Zhen, flapped last year to adopt the artificial teaches a powder technique, the knot comes out of apple not only the head is all big, and is 85 fruits(the apple horizontal path reaches to 85 millimeters), an acre of orchard increment income is above 3000 dollars.The demonstration that Wu Zhen flaps makes the Pei blessing become to sit to lived not, he bought 15 grams of pollens this year and plused a forestry section free issue of 30 gram, carried on to order powder to 3 acres of many orchards.

In recent years, calm down rather fruit article the industry Be large-scale to extend, the whole county orchard area comes to a 800,000 acres of above.But teach the want for of powder tree, resulted”soft rib” of article development.

For effectively solving this problem, this year, county forestry section the west buy into pollen from the mountain more than 20 kilograms, plus a fruit agriculture to self-make of, the whole countieses total usage amount of pollen reaches to more than 60 kilograms, but an acre of dosage of ground is 10 gram.On these grounds measure to calculate, the artificial teaches powder orchard this year the area reach to 6000 acres of above.In the meantime, calm down this year the county rather usher in cave lips wall still from Shandong the Feng is 20,000, respectively at cure even, Li Dian, Wei Rong, city Chuan etc. in the southern point fruit area throw in to teach powder.

The black film overalies:Protect fatty stanza water, shout bravo for”economy energy park”

Dry little rain is the basic weather characteristics that the northwest loess plateau apple lord produces area, is also a check and supervision apple, the production suggests the main factor that the quality increases an effect.For effectively cracking this bottleneck problem, in recent years, calm down rather the county manage in the universal management technique for adopting “do not need a Geng overlay” soil in the orchard, especially the film overlay of Gao Long Hei protect fatty stanza water technical application, effectively solved orchard soil to manage a medium many problem and received the effect of half effort and double results.

Originally, the fruit agriculture consistently uses hoe grass, medium Geng, deeply turn over, infuse the orchard management of water etc. high strength technique, afterwards have already replied sand, reply grass and grow grass again etc. orchard ground overlay technique, but the traditional technique causes of the direct problem is to get material difficult, cost Gao.”The film overlay of Gao Long Hei protects fatty stanza water technique acre economy cost about 300 dollars, grew to create good water for fruit tree, fatty, annoy, hot condition, promoted growth growth of fruit tree.”Quiet rather the county thunder ditch village village pay a book distance to say with the interest.”This technique generally combines autumn to apply fertilizer or the early spring jelly soil melt ex- take tree trunk as center, do 10 Li rices in height to 20 Li rices, breadth 240 Li rices to the high Long of 280 Li rices, the Long noodles has to be neat and smooth, use iron Pi clap actually.Autumn or spring crest LingĀ  overaly 1.2-1.4 meters breadth blackly film.”The distance speaks of this technique and seems to be very”profession” with the interest.

This year, calm down rather the county orchard black film overaly up to 110,000 acres and pluses a white film, replies grass and spreads sand etc. measure, the whole county overlay in the orchard ground leads up to above 70%.

According to understanding, quiet rather the county carries out each item to lift quality to increase effect measure completely this year and totally Be finished nation, save, city, county four classes are 8 types of 216,500 acres that standardize a model park.The whole county orchard cultivation and management still integrated to measure soil formula to apply fertilizer, high radiation tree form improvement, teach a powder tree reformation, build to defend hail net etc. comprehensive technique measure, will consumedly raise apple quality.

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