Phnom Penh Rui

The Phnom Penh Rui fragrant bud puts to breed
Pre-war projects
The bud puts.The bud puts to sproutlace headway to go in spring and put the Sui selection tree hat in, upper part that year living a substantial and strong, stay the upper part one leaf, the bud Yi should have obvious bud to order, with one leaf’s one bud one put for like.Must use benefit knife while taking Sui, from the Yi bud the knife in upper part, inclined line of cut off, GREEN JASPERpare into Ma Er Xing, noticing don’t hurt Yi bud and take root to draw sprout by benefit.Add 30% thin sand to make Qian to put radicle quality with loose leaf’s soil, easy to short put inserting of Sui to fix.Need to be advertent BE, the Qian puts ex- soil and thin sand radicle quality beard loosenning a leaf place the sun the bottom insolate disinfection.The Qian inserted 1| in soil while putting 2, the Qin was solid after putting and slightly sprinkled water and kept moist, about can take root for 40 days live.After treating to living a new, the next year spring moves again to plant last.Lasting achievements

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