The horticulture learns

The horticulture learns, is study the quality resources, growth of the growing of half-hardy farm crop growth regulation, breed, educate, teach a kind, store, process, disease of insect and build science of park etc..Gold price

Along with science technical development, the horticulture learns of research contents and division of labour are also more concrete.The category that the horticulture learns is generally divided into fruit tree horticulture to learn, the vegetable horticulture learn, appreciate horticulture to learn and build a park to learn four major types, the scholar, who also have, is five major types the half-hardy credit, will soon the nursery garden learn single row 1 type.

The fruit tree horticulture learns to is the species that studies fruit tree and grow temperament and educate science of management and product processing;

The vegetable horticulture learns to is the species that studies a vegetable and grow temperament and educate science of management and product processing;The examination shape

It is science that studies flower and appreciates an arboreal species, grows temperament and educates management and application to appreciate horticulture to learn;

Build a park to learn and call the park programming design to learn, is the design that studies park grass, program, construction and protect science of management.

Horticulture profession
The business fosters a target:This professional development has basic theories, basic knowledge and basic technical ability that biology and horticulture learn, can manage in the agriculture, company Mao and park etc. the realm and section is engaged in deluxe science technique of the technique and design, expansion and development, management and management, teaching and research etc. work for having something to do with half-hardy science talented person.

The business fosters a request:This basic theories and basic knowledge that the professional student mainly studies biology and horticulture to learn, is subjected to a half-hardy plant research, production, management of basic training, have the basic ability that the half-hardy plant production, technique development and expansion, half-hardy business enterprise conducts a management.

The graduate student should acquire following several knowledge and ability:

1.have the basic theories knowledge of firm mathematics, physics, and chemistry…etc.;

2.control the basic theories, basic knowledge that biology and horticulture learn;

3.control the programming design, half-hardy farm crop cultivation of half-hardy field(park) and grow the quality resources protection, species seed selection with good kind of heavy teach, the insect grass of disease cause prevention and cure, half-hardy product to commercialize processing etc. technical ability;

4.acquaint with an agriculture production, village work and have something to do with half-hardy plant producing related policy, policy and laws;Gold market

5.have an agriculture can keep on the consciousness and basic knowledge of development, understanding horticulture production and science technical science before follow with development trend;

6.control the basic method of science and technology cultural heritage index, data search, have certain science research and physically work ability.

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