Half-hardy industry

Half-hardy industry is the agriculture plants industry production in of importance constitute part, for abundant mankind’s nourishment and the beautification, reform mankind the existence environment contain important meaning.led lighting design

The half-hardy industry history is long, the cent treads less, at the beginning and only as an agricultural subsidiary section, has the property that the self-sufficient grows.The half period rises and produces a strengthening of region division of labour along with high development and agriculture of agriculture productivity after 19th century, the half-hardy industry becomes planting of independence industry section but gets a quick development gradually.In addition to economic flourishing nation, some nations of third world also build to take half-hardy industry as the plantation of object in succession.20th century middle, the half-hardy industry becomes creating the importance remitting an agriculture to constitute part.led grow lights

The origins of half-hardy industry can trace back to the earlier period stage of agriculture development.According to study of ancient relics to discover material, the stone age has already started educating palm tree Zao, fig, oil olives, grape and onions.The Egyptian civilization most prosperous period, the half-hardy industry production also tends flourishing, all have a cultivation such as the banana, lemon, pomegranate, cucumber, hyacinth bean, garlic, lettuce, and rambling rose…etc..Have already mentioned fruit tree to marry to connect to store with fruit in the agriculture work of ancient Rome period etc., at that time combine already the original type glasshouse of useful mica slice cover carry on a vegetable to facilitate a cultivation.In addition to planting various fruit tree,such as apple, pear, fig, and pomegranate…etc., , the nobility manor also educates various appreciate to use flower and grass like bulb of lily, rose, violet, fleur-de-lis, ten thousand life chrysanthemum etc..The Middle Ages period half-hardy industry is once falling off.led home lighting

Literature renew period, half-hardy industry and then again rise in Italy and spread to the whole Europe.After New Continent discovers, the half-hardy farm crop, such as yonder corn, potato, tomato, sweet potato, pumpkin, string bean, Bo Luo, oil pear, cashew nut and long mountain walnut…etc. are extensively led a kind.Trade and transportation will stimulate the development of half-hardy industry further again hereafter.12 volt led lighting

Chinese summer the company period agriculture industry and half-hardy industry still have no obvious division of labour.Pu beginning in the Chinese week generation, park is an independent management section to appear, the farm crop that planted inside the park Pu at that time have already had vegetable, melons and fruits and economy wood etc..Fight a country period have already planted to grow recording of melon, peach, Zao and Li Deng’s fruit tree to say in the work.The Qin Han half-hardy industry developed very greatly.Because the thing square association increases, some half-hardy farm crop are spread to west such as the peach, and almond…etc.;Also from abroad ushered in garlic, cucumber, grape, pomegranate, and walnut…etc. in the meantime.《The book of the man 》jot down too officer’s park to grow vegetables, such as spring onion and Jiu…etc. indoors in winter, explain the glasshouse develops in China already a long time.South and North Dynasty breed and educate in the fruit tree there aren’t a few creation invention on the technique.Tang and Sung after, the half-hardy industry especially appreciates a half-hardy industry to develop quickly and appears the valuable species of a lot of peonies, Shao medicine, plum and chrysanthemum etc..Clear and pure period, the sea transportation greatly opens, the gingko, loquat, orange and cabbage, and turnip…etc. successively spread toward the abroad and also ushered in more half-hardy farm crop from the abroad in the meantime.The in the past develops in the glasshouse, the fruit tree breed and educate a cultivating of technique, valuable flower species and carry on with all countries to extensively communicate on the half-hardy business etc. the Zhuo have results to show.led lighting automotive

In 20th century after, the half-hardy industry produces to conduct a development to the business enterprise day by day and include a fruit tree, vegetable and appreciate a plant at inside of the half-hardy product become people perfect food nourishment more and more and beautify, the necessity of decontamination environment.The grape in the fruit tree, orange, banana and apple, coconut and Bo Luo, the bean in the vegetable, melon and the cut flowers, and bulbous root flower…etc. in the flower also continuously raise in the specific weight in the international trade.Because of the application of many modern science technique results, the half-hardy industry production technique progresses quickly.If the plant hormone bred for the half-hardy farm crop with regulating of growth result to provide new means, the tissue culture technique made and bred half-hardy farm crop quickly and carry on without virus’ teaching seedling be possible, the extensive application of the plastics thin film consumedly made a convenience of various half-hardy farm crop of protection ground production, the control only shines on a processing and supplied vegetable and fresh flowers to develop new path for anniversary, various fruit adopts and accepts machine and the invention collecting a machine and makes the half-hardy industry produced and probably ends a handicraft operation very soon, the progress of the genetics makes the half-hardy farm crop taught and grows a work and raises new level, the modern and half-hardy industry has become comprehensive apply various science technique result with promote production of important realm;In the meantime, the half-hardy industry produces a technical research and also turns over the development toward the plant physiology, and genetics…etc. to have to emolliently promote a function.

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