Gardening and health

Thousands of years ago it was found that, walking in the garden with a calm mood and promote the rehabilitation of the role. The ancient Egyptian physicians for psychiatric patients treatment method is to let one of the patients, in the park activity. Gardening health effects have been recognized by the medical community, experts will be through horticultural activities to care and a method called” horticultural therapy”. Now, horticultural therapy is believed to be a complement to modern medicine shortage of adjuvant therapy, is to help relieve the patient pain, soothing and effective way. Your home is also a frail old people? Then let them try to raise a flower or plant vegetables and horticultural activities in health care, and at the same time, also help them to rekindle the passion for life.LED next shipment
Whether in the small balcony, or in a private garden, gardening can bring joy and pleasure. The creation of beauty and beauty of the communication for people to bring multiple health effects.
Swap the spiritual life
Gardening helps to adjust the modern people’s spiritual life. The fragrance of flowers, make people be good to hear or see, emotional tone. The room where a few flowers, or in the courtyard planting some flowers, bonsai, can enrich and beautify the home environment, increase life interest, eliminate negative emotions. Flower cultivation bonsai is doing manual labor training, is the embodiment of the cultural and artistic accomplishment. Research confirms, often ornamental potted plants, flowers, so that people become docile temperament, people in a bad mood is cheerful, depressed people become positive. Some of the older patients with autism, participate in gardening after, life add to the fun, the loneliness and loneliness is a lot less. Moreover, people in growing grass, through the feeling and the experience of this elegant entertainment and enjoyment, can adjust the mood, to bring some kind of spiritual sustenance and comfort.
Prevention and treatment of diseasesLED lighting drive
Gardening bring health benefits is very wide. Such as planting, watering, weeding, labor, can increase the amount of physical activity, exercise the muscles of the limbs and joints. Large number of observation and study found, gardening on neurosis, hypertension, heart disease has a good role of adjuvant therapy, especially when the patient is in a relatively stable condition after, appropriate gardening, more conducive to improve the nervous system and cardiovascular system function. In addition, there are emotional stability and eliminate insomnia disease effect. LED sapphire substrateCalcium deficiency is more common with older, studies also confirmed: often gardening can cause bone strength, prevent osteoporosis. Many flowers have its special effects, contribute to disease prevention. Scientists discover, many plants flowers secrete aromatic oil in a special aromatic substances. This kind of substance is inhaled into the lungs into the body parts, sterilization, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and regulate the central nervous function. Chinese clinical pharmacy practitioners from fragrant fragrant volatile oil was detected in a variety of bactericidal substance. In addition, in the Green Zone activities, relieve fatigue, eliminate nervous emotion, so that decreased skin temperature, pulse slow down, breathing evenly, olfactory, auditory and thinking activities to enhance the flexibility of.factories concern

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