Which plant is more healthy for planting in the house

As the sun room a short time, so it is best to choose plants for a long time compared to shading of shade-resistant foliage plants or plant-based Ban Yin, such as science, evergreen, Monstera, excelsa, Sansevieria, Rubber trees, and so on. Busy people can choose a strong vitality of plants, such as evergreen, saxifrage, the Buddha belly tree, bamboo, such as begonias. Flora, of course, there are a variety of functions of their respective division.希拉里

1. Plants to clean up the air:

Chlorophytum, Dai-leaf powder, and so on, the decoration of the room after the remnants of formaldehyde, chlorine, benzene compounds with strong absorptive capacity

Aloe, chrysanthemum, and so can reduce the bedroom with benzene pollution;

Daisy, such as evergreen can effectively remove the pollution of ethylene F;

Rose, Rose, and so can absorb hydrogen sulfide, benzene, phenol, ether, and other harmful gases.

Sansevieria raise indoors, Monstera, Pleione, and other flowers and foliage of the huge leaves of plants can absorb more than 80% of a variety of harmful gases, to clean up the air按揭購房的多重選擇 | 新置住房按揭要留心 | 為你介紹一些住房按揭貸款產品.

Aloe vera, such as Sedum, the evening will not only be able to absorb carbon dioxide, giving off oxygen, but also make indoor air increased the concentration of negative ions.

2. Aromatic

The aromatic plant has anti-bacterial ingredients, you can remove airborne bacteria and viruses, has a health care function, such as cactus, science, Ivy, a Begonia smell of antibacterial sterilization, at the same time, aromatic plants can also regulate human neural Systems such as cloves, jasmine allow people to relax, and is conducive to sleep;

Rose, violet make for a happy people, the desire to work strenuously;

Tuberose, Kam perilla, Qu Wencao smell, and so on a fly repellent in addition to the role. But not too strong smell, or cause side effects, such as cloves heard so much any more cause asthma, the impact of memory; Tuberose night so that emissions can be as high blood pressure, heart disease patients are depressed; toxic tulip base, continuous contact with more than two hours will be to the effect that ; A shame mimosa base, often caused by contact with hair loss.

3. Three-dimensional green room of the plant:

Parthenocissus planted around the home, grapes, morning glory, wisteria, and climbing plants such as roses, so they shun shun the wall or frame cling to form a green arbor, to be effective in reducing the sun radiation, greatly reduce the indoor temperature.

As was once called as a promoter of the 52 plantations, so far no reports of the exact cause cancer, in particular, these 52 species in less than 10 in the garden in cultivation, cultivation of less family, without having to worry about. However, cases under the cultivation of plants when they still have to pay attention to:

Whole-plant toxic oleander, with a variety of cardiac glycosides, nausea and vomiting after the poisoning, diarrhea can be fatal; toxic narcissus bulb, with alkali, such as Lycoris, poisoning after vomiting, abdominal pain; Poinsettia its white floating toxic juice Human contact can cause skin irritation, after the incorrect use of vomiting, abdominal pain; evergreen and aspartic acid containing drugs, and so on, can be addressed if the incorrect use of the mouth, throat, esophagus, gastrointestinal mucosa, such as burns, and even vocal cord damage.

China Medical to prevent the virus by Zeng Yi, academician of the plant material contained in the role of the promoter were studied from 1693 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines and plants found in Section 18 of the 52 kinds of plant material containing promoter. These plants are mostly Euphorbiaceae and Thymelaeaceae, Begonia iron, wood leaves change, Sapium, red sweet-scented osmanthus back, the tung tree, the fruit Lam and other family members of the public parks and common ornamental flowers and trees contain substances promoter通過按揭的貸款方式選擇 | 本港目前所有樓宇按揭服務 | 按揭服務的管理機制.

52 cancer-causing plants include: Su Shi, variable-leaf, leaf-change tenuifolia, waspish Yung, Croton Rock Hill, old age Mao Croton, Croton, Kirin crown, Cat’s grass, paint-taek, Gansui, continued with the son of mountain snow , Iron Begonia, 1000 grass, red sweet-scented osmanthus back, the end of the chicken-and multi-physic nut, coral Cardinals, Tallow Hill, Tallow, Tallow rotundifolia, tung, tung wood, fire calamity Le, Daphne, Edgeworthia , Euphorbia, Daphne Wong, a brother Wang, Aquilaria sinensis, thin shaft Daphne, the sum, Herba Lysimachiae wide, red bud Euphorbia, Galium, Huang Fu Chai, such as candida.

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