Flower economy

Formely to us, the fresh flowers was a luxury goods, can we not only carried out in great quantities planting of the fresh flowers, supplied to pull a Sa market, but also sold to fresh flowers now Nepal.”33-year-old Luo mulberry time the Ren stand before glasshouse and say with proud of look.For-rent car led

The Luo mulberry time job with current Ren is to pull heap Long De of Sa City to celebrate county Gang virtuous vegetable wood plant the farmer vice- chairman of the board in the professional school store.That school store plants vegetable and flower according to the market demands variety since 2004 established, in recent years, in addition to planting a vegetable, also strongly expand flower to plant, and since the end of 2008, sell flower far Nepal.

Gang virtuous wood of gorgeous turn round an individual case not, statistics suggests, “15″ periods, total amount in Tibet carries out import and export total amount USD 2,724,000,000, is 3.3 times that of”15″ periods, the year all increases 32.41%.LED to illuminate profession

The Luo mulberry introduces, Gang virtuous vegetable wood in now plants the farmer professional school store to pull the biggest vegetable in Sa region flower production base, that school store covers 1500 acres, it is 920(include big Peng of fresh flowers glasshouse among them 100) to own efficiently sunlight glasshouse, the school store plants of the vegetable flower sale ground overaly whole pull Sa of region.

“The light hot resources of Tibet is abundant and plus glasshouse to plant and provided a good condition for vegetable growth.”The Luo mulberry points at a wayside a glasshouse say, ” takes tomato as an example and grows three Chis all right for a year, the yearly production reaches to 5,000,000 grams of above.Ask for help of these glasshouses, nearby villagers all the hair house amassed a fortune”.

However, this obtaining of 10% merit not easy matter.The Luo mulberry recalls, the vegetable’s base when 2000 just started, can not get the local crowd’s support, “in addition to some foreign doors, the local villager has no a participation plants of”.

For all that, once studies the Luo mulberry of agriculture technique but sees the foreground that plants in the ground’s development vegetable in the interborough agriculture school, at under him and some colleagues’ appealing, heap Long De celebrated a county to join the government plan and funds top to pay very great concern and support to the development of that base.LED which brand create

In 2004, heap Long Xuan2 the farmer school store start trying a luck camp, the funds of the nation throws in immediately enlarge, include interborough agriculture hair to do, agriculture herding the hall, science and technology hall and city counties all give the school store support strongly.In order to well transfer the aggressive of local farmer, the Luo mulberry is on one’s own initiative volunteer to army and start”lease”ing 5 glasshouses toward the school store oneself’s management in 2005 and only earned 40,000 dollars renminbi for 4 months.

“If make me grow till now, early become rich.”The Luo mulberry smiles to say to the reporter.At his arouse under, the nearby villager turns a hurl school store in succession.

The school store in now, have already had 358 local villagers participation management, compare with only 800 dollars or so year income of previous acre of ground, now each(about 8 cents, ground) glasshouse the accrual of 12,500 dollars, make the school store become a the region”fragrant Bo Bo” of the name matches the reality.Along with go into a suddenly increasing of the agency number, the glasshouse of the school store starts supply falls short of demand.

“The national plan adds 260 agricultures herding that sunlight glasshouses have been already registered owned by private capital this year more than 400 door.”"Since 2007, the villager of application glasshouse has to accept training and examination, the result gets into ex-10 to just entitle to get hold of glasshouse, rest of continuing and participating in training” Luo mulberry says to the reporter, .

Speak about the difficulty of development in the check and supervision school store, the Luo mulberry mentioned a funds problem first.He takes flower sale as an example to point out:”Though the school store has one to refrigerate a car, far far not enough use.And from pull Sa to carry Nepal, the journey is faraway, a car is also far far not enough.If there is enough funds to work out this problem, Gang the virtuous wood’s fresh flowers sale affirmation will include big breakthrough.”

The expectation of Luo mulberry will become reality in the near future.Interborough government definitely means in”25″ programmings, will devote major efforts to strengthen vegetable base construction, actively expansion efficiently sunlight glasshouse, abundant vegetable species, effectively guarantee a town vegetable supply.Government’s policy and funds support toward the Gang virtuous Lin Deng vegetable base, raising the head can treat.

For school store later of programming, Luo mulberry said, Gang virtuous wood will at possibly short time inside become “vegetable village”, “10000 dollars village” of the name matches the reality.Till then, Gang virtuous wood’s this brand will understand for more people.

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