Lotus flower stanza

Lotus flower stanza, “small half-hardy teacher” at act
“The lotus pond of the turns and twists of affairs top, what Mi hope is the leaf of farmland farmland ……” makes the person like Chi from the lotus pond moonlight of pure style of writing if inebriate.Happened to be “lotus flower birthday” of folk tale last Sunday, inside the park of Mo Chou Hu, the third lotus flower cultural art stanza was developing in imposing array, the origin reported 45 small observer crests wore a hot sun and clapped a lotus and drew lotus, article lotus seed, remaining of the lotus pond romantic feeling experienced personally “lotus leaf, He Tian Tian, “, also covered half-hardy teacher, understood potted plant knowledge and Qian to put technical skill.Saying dully,

“Who know what day today is?”On entering park, half-hardy teacher Ping2 Pang gives an everyone a”hard nut to crack”.”Is a civil lotus flower stanza, we want to lead a birthday for lotus flower!”Liu Wu Qian Huis of the drum building one primary school in the center raises a small hand to rob to answer a way and knows to want to Mo Chou Hu, the young girl did enough homework a day in advance, this problem root was difficult don’t pour her.

“The lotus flower stanza customs has which”"water lily and lotus flower have what dissimilarity”, everyone is attending lecture a solution and using the camera”Mao Ca” fierce clap.Hear that there is more than 100,000 stubs lotus flower in the park of Mo Chou Hu, three little Chen Zi Yis in the south lake are unbearable surprised shout, carry drawing board of she intends to use the lovely view that the paintbrush settles the space”fish drama lotus leaf”.who are you missing

“This is the familiar deep red tunic, this stub calls’lead the way sheep’, open a white flower, more seldom seen.”Ping2 Pang introduces the category of lotus flower one by one and also teaches everyone the discriminator different lotus leaf:”The lotus flower grows one leaf, call money leaf, be like a copper size money.Stick calling of lake noodles to lie prone a leaf most below ……”lotus flower stanza nature necessary eat lotus seed, the teacher inside the park rows bateau and adopted to fresh lotus Peng from the garden pond, ” is true sweet, have already grown light flavor!”Everyone is an I am 1 grain and eat with relish.

Want to be “small half-hardy teacher”, certainly still have to control potted plant and Qian to put technical skill.The half-hardy teacher goes fetch putting of monthly rose Sui and start to explain in detail the Qian puts a technique, “want to will choose to put Sui first, choose the crest flower in that year after opening, up have 34 knots ……” little observer everybody gets to a stub to put Sui month quarter and personally puts in the flower pot and prepares to bring back a house to keep, “take root the best temperature is 20 ℃ to 25 ℃ , usually water, can not put to just suddenly and violently bask under the sun!”The half-hardy teacher gives repeated advice to a way.First

Accept a television NTU reporter interview, Li Xin of the road primary school cent school in Yangtze River reaches to mean, “the weather although heat, I don’t think to be foolish in the air condition building, the small observer activity harvests not only experience a rare lotus flower species, but also can learn to much knowledge very greatly!”

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