forum opened yesterday

The world flower of China Dalian half-hardy forum opened yesterday
Yesterday, it was protected 2011 world flower of China Dalian half-hardy forums that the Er half-hardy group sponsors by city hall and the United States to draw back a purdah in the new world cabaret.Mayoral〃 Li Wan just attends opening ceremony and address, vice- mayoral〃 Sun Guang Tian and the United States protects Er the half-hardy group chief executive officer and chief executive officer Anna announce a subject lecture, a domestic and international flower half-hardy realm expert scholar attends.How to apply

This forum take”colorful city · gorgeous life · green future” as topic and surrounds a flower plant to exist the influence of development on mankind, in the application innovation in the view, flower plant’s the new technique of the flower production new mode, and the park carries on a forward-looking but thorough discussion to the important function that promotes city environment etc. special subject, will also hold “2011 international flower new products in Dalian grow a new technique demonstration will and the economic trade canvass business to talk over meeting” in the meantime.administration programming

Li Wan just represents a city hall to mean a congratulation to the this time forum’s holding, he says, Dalian was once affirmed by United Nations relevant organization for”the place of the most suitable proper development flower in the Chinese north”.The world flower of China Dalian half-hardy forum will develop trend in the accurate confidence world flower industry, speed flower industry creative development etc. obtain an important result, necessarily will to world flower industry of the future produce important but profound influence and have the aggressive push the function towards raising Dalian being to China flower industry development level.We will take this forum as a chance and make Dalian become gorgeous and colorful city and the green home of investor.

On that day, the city hall returns and protects the Er half-hardy group to sign strategy cooperation frame name allows

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