exhibition next month holds

The south Chong head large and half-hardy flower exhibition next month holdscoherent of design

The city hall sponsors of south Chong head public welfare large and half-hardy flower exhibition will at the next month in the city hall new area people the park draw back a purdah.Plan an exhibition for more than 10 skies times.Yesterday(11), reporter the administrative office learned of from the city park, in 10 main exhibition regiments, 5′s joining the exhibition regiment has already delivered to design project and design effect diagram, these designed the project was each to have a special feature, each exhibition elegant appearance.profession request

According to understanding, people total area in the park reaches to 20 remainings ten thousand square meters, city head half-hardy flower exhibition office will it according to the form of “nine temple spaces”s, and will most in the center a space penny is two is city originally class and the Peng Anne’s county, the peripheral position then stays to each county(city, area), 10 total main exhibition regiments join the exhibition, each exhibition regiment has ascend thousand arrive around ten thousand square meters not wait of exhibition place.

Yesterday, the reporter arrived at a half-hardy flower exhibition office, an effect diagram with beautiful piece let a person big satisfied chance to enjoy seeing.Among them, the reporter’s eyeball was attracted to the effect diagram of the city this class, the instrument Long county, camp mountain county.City originally the effect diagram of class Be whole to become oval, each become in the circle fan-shaped, each fan-shaped take each difference of color, plant fresh gorgeous flower and few half-hardy tree of each difference of body, the colourful flower takes intertexture to together make the person enjoy to please the eye;Each fan-shaped and close connect with each other the flower of around central big cluster of regiment, symbolize south each county(city, area) of Chong City the people are under the leadership of city Wei, city hall”eight noodles comes to breeze and grows luxuriantly flourishing”.”Oval” front not there is still bright fountain in distance, is decorated with flower to take.advertent important point

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