How to keep good pitcher plant

The pitcher plant is very a type of geezer plant, not only the appearance is strange, and still have the skill of food insect.Each”pig cage” has a cover above, but doesn’t shut to match.Once there being an insect climbing into from the bottle, meeting drive sticky the liquid is sticky live, then stick to a liquid and then will resolve the protein of insect body into aqueous solution of appearance, become the nutrition that oneself grows.Electrostatic induction

The pitcher plant is the pitcher plant section food insect plant, all belong to probably have 70 remaining to grow, for living the rattan of herbage or half lignification for several years originally plant.In the low wet lawn that was produced to the tropical rain forest or warmth at first, liked to be warm and high wet, the environment of half Yin, grew the temperature as 25-30 ℃ , lowest don’t should be lower than 18 ℃ .

Keeping the good pitcher plant has to have four conditions:craft’s help

A, the development soil have to be loose well ventilated.Can enrich the loose sex soil of containing the quality of Fu Zhi with the water Tai, peat soil, Fu leaf’s soil, and coco bran…etc..The root of pitcher plant is thin and small, and the abnormality is young and delicate.In spite of is lately last to still keep changing basin, should pretty much careful, don’t harm its root to fasten.The pitcher plant fears a drought and hates Lao, the basin soil should often keep tide smooth.The pitcher plant is proper to use to hang basin to protect, since doubly add an idea interest, also easy to water and spray fog, benefit the soil is well ventilated at the basin.

Two, the pitcher plant like to compare the cultivation soil of acidity and request the PH of soil that being worth is between 4-4.5, more than this scope doesn’t adapt to.So, can not sprinkle to infuse tap water over a long period of time.If want an usage, should regulate the PH value to 4-4.5 of, otherwise stop growing to even advantage

Three, the pitcher plant grow in the tropical rain forest of plant, request the relative humidity of air between 75%-85%, otherwise the plant will become more and more small.If when the condition doesn’t have must spray water, can spray 5-6 times every day.The weather still needed to spray several more while being dry.

Four, must work well to defend in winter cold heat a work, the indoor temperature has to stabilize a square at above 18 ℃ Be safe to pass the winter.

Why does the pitcher plant want to eat an animal?Studies according to the scientist, they live in the acidity soil, this soil doesn’t have nitrogen plain nourishment and other organic materials, so with eat an insect to draw to take nourishment, maintenance life, this is also the plant evolution process in to environment condition of a kind of orientation ability.

The winter nature of north has no insect, the pitcher plant will lack “foodstuffs”, however can factitiously and a little amountly provide 1:00.If separate half month each time, “feed” it with the small bread insect once and feed one in a “bottle” all right already.Such as if hope it can catch a gnat fly, that was a misunderstanding.

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