green shape flower territory

The green shape flower territory designs various gardens the beauty is also
How design like a courtyard, the plant is foundation, is also a soul of courtyard, such as stone material, and timber…etc. compared, plant could say that is us with nature of cooperation colleague.They bring of is a dynamic view.Can also with the change but change of season years, the flower blossoms, the flower fall result, leaf’s slice to change countenance and even die of old age etc..The different season sees a different view, can also see the views, such as sense of vision and sense of hearing…etc. that the plant brings and dance in the wind an etc. such as the birds’ twitter and the butterfly.Equally have a passion for this occupation of we like supple feeling for those and respect the design garden of environmental people, can accept the courage that the bold design conceives outline.The good design wants to embody a design of multi-function, balance and unify to make a show of.LED little lotus

General home garden, the turf-grass is foundation, on this foundation, the different district presses the function with appreciate of, is going together with the plants of growing the dissimilarity, the plants of a set per set fall to constitute, is been combined by the plant, perennial or herbage flower by the different tall tree, big bush, small bush and ground to form one stereoscopic cluster of fall, an independent view.The courtyard design of Europe and America is this kind of cluster of to fall concept.

The tulip of old root flower can be a kinds of the ground for falling is spent a territory, the different color assortment constitutes and formed a is obvious cluster of to fall and layer of planting and planting body.

Different appearance flower, like matching of size circular, long form, square, have can attain appearance up of balance.

From night root flower the kind match, according to the characteristic and color of plant, planting the art of planting the design is to put together these and set off mutually in the different season and make it even have to appreciate dint.sparse soil stock

Spend a territory to also want to notice the balance of sense of vision, symmetry, such as the diagram is planted by three color Jins to plant of ball circular the pattern all want to match to plant kind and shape so much, can constitute the color balance mutually harmonious sense of vision.

Want a simple villa home garden such as your, plant to plant is fallen by main cluster of sixes to constitute.Each flock falls it to appreciate and function, these are six plant cluster to want to combine to plant to come to well develop together very properly it to appreciate and function of effect.

The choice of plant, each plant category definitely grew up height, width, appearance and appreciated characteristic, we designed of planting and planting the combination start to want to a quite, excited, curious and mysterious felling that arouses people’s heart.

Combine a plant to be like composite picture, choose of plant have to in the color, appearance, quality, take time of period, result etc. shape up make up, match mutually.We also want to consider the management of plant in the meantime.If cut, the plant diseases and insect pests waits to all need with meticulous care a design and turns

Plant category, reasonably arrange, satisfy the idea of owner of we also want to satisfy the request of design in the meantime.Want to let the plant is outside the very harmonious growth in the courtyard, also want with courtyard building and use of the material mutually blend to set off mutually and well plant to plant a design dynamically can keep on for a long time and can’t end forever.If you think to be beautiful own garden, so please contact us, let to have a passion for flower and grass equally of we design for you previous you ideal medium dream garden.

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