Heilongjiang swim grape

Half-hardy stanzaLED industry policy in Harbin and country in Heilongjiang swim grape to pick stanza to open in the modern agriculture park of September 1′s east gold in Harbin, is or so for the period for one and half months.Current half-hardy stanza will with publicity half-hardy industry, feel half-hardy magic power and strengthen a food safety for aim, display Harbin completely the black soil half-hardy special feature industry and village economic society coldly develop a result.Medium mountain LED

According to understanding, from people’s government in Harbin City and Heilongjiang province travel the bureau sponsor together the fifth half-hardy stanza in Harbin, the topic is for”green, health, harmony, develop”.The main exhibition area east gold modern agriculture model park totally establishes a half-hardy result demonstration area, organic food to evaluate the area exhibition area, wine fortress and grape to pick area etc. six greatest exhibition area.Visitor can in the garden from set up of inside 500 meters grape long gallery, pass the picture exhibition plank understanding recent years admire the city half-hardy result.Can still just inside the grape Kingdom sunlight hall, pass to evaluate the east gold modern agriculture different season self-producting fruit vegetables in model garden, understand green, organic food, and food safe knowledge, raise a food safety consciousness.LED profession displaysThen, the mini fruit cucumber, Korean string of bead tomato, Taiwanese treasure hat and Taiwan little orchid in Holland mini watermelon and real estate special feature vegetable etc. will be also exhibitted.

The current half-hardy stanza will also hold 5 series activities and standardize construction in the garden to observe and learn meeting and north big Huang fruit Shu to pick stanza, Heilongjiang country to swim grape to pick stanza,LED or lose Koreascience and technology forum on the scene for the facilities vegetable respectively and city maple leaf stanza.

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