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Visit world horticulture ·visit China thou all-ten thousand admission tickets in a life time park greatly draw prizes an activity to publish
Half-hardy exposition publicity in world in Xian promotes sales an activity again lift a high tide.”Visit world horticulture ¬∑Tai solar energy visit China thou all- ten thousand admission ticket surprised pleased big gifts in a life time park greatly draw prizes” activity that is sponsored by tour bureau in Xian City draws lottery in public in Xian, Shaanxi today, 3341 lucky acquired a life time park in Xian meeting admission ticket etc. big prize.

This activity asks for help of network terrace, market supply reportwith thou of tour all Xian is a radicle to order, the award has an aviation ticket, cabaret accommodation and a life time park meeting admission ticket etc..From July 29 the activity developed, up to this dawn, the movable web page clicks quantity to attain 1,240,000 many, directly register the netizen of participation to break 140,000.Today draws prizes activity the spot the communist living a to wait a prize 25, the accessit is 40, the No. 3 quality prize is 3276.Xian City travels bureau chief in the bureau love to all say for week:”On waiting a prize to provide a location to go back and forth ticket 2 in Xian, own three days in Xian and two nights of accommodation in the meantime, a life time park meeting admission ticket 2;The accessit acquires cabaret accommodation for two nights, meeting admission ticket 3 in a life time park;LED illuminatesThe No. 3 quality prize gainer is 3276, will consequently acquire three meeting admission ticket in a life time parks.”

Make each one got prizes to can get hold of an award for assurance, activity’s making a set of Wei will announce to get prize list on the net,LED lighting faces and since tomorrow in a row three times to get a prize to send out an E-mail, mail the lottery ticket to get prize hand with the registered letter in the meantime in

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