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What gives the flowers a different psychological feeling

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Rhododendron Peony Peach Lotus creative people objectively gas

Large flowers flowers – peonies, peony, rhododendron, etc.

Stimulate people’s creativity, active thinking; alleviate fatigue, be inspired, to improve work efficiency.

Flowers small flowers – lavender, carnations, etc.

Feeling calm and relax the nerves, relieve stress and bad temper are more suitable plant.

Colorful flowers – Gerbera grass, daisy, gerbera, etc.

Can improve memory, enhance the cognitive level; shy of people likely to arouse the desire to speak, has become adept at talking to people; to reduce the offensive and defensive people get along more harmoniously.

On the color of the flowers – white flowers, lilies, peach, etc.

Mentality of peaceful people, to help people in a more detailed perspective of the world, and strengthen the sense of happiness.

Leaves many small flower plants – Brazil Tieshu, Japan, etc. Haitang

Alleviate low mood, help people to re-establish confidence.

A study had found that the power of flower can be maintained for 60 seconds. According to the recent British “The Independent” reported that the United States, New Jersey State University psychology professor Jennifer latest study found that flowers bring good emotional experience far more than 60 seconds. It is this “good feeling” Let the human always love flowers.Kyosho

Flower decoration Do not “poisonous flower ” moving back home

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Spring Festival draws near, flower market entry sales season, but the reporters visited and found that many people buy flowers depends on their own preferences to make a choice, which flowers in the room not suitable for display and flower varieties, such as knowledge but know little about. At present, in science has not yet made clear what kind of flower can be a direct result of human poisoning, but different people react to flowers produced by different. More suitable for the flower is dependent interior foliage flowers foliage flowers and plants useful to the environment, such as Chlorophytum and aloe can eliminate the formaldehyde pollution, indoor air purification. If the public likes to raise flowers flower view, it is best not to raise the special bright color, strong aroma of the flowers; if the patient has at home, it is best not to raise the patient’s bedroom flowers, even if the display, do not put a strong aroma of flowers Otherwise, the patient’s body adversely.

Some people like to buy pots of festivals “Poinsettia” at home, the flowers will be red leaves before and after New Year’s Day, because of their bright colors and well received by the public in particular favorite. But if it’s broken or damaged branches and leaves will have a negative impact on the human body, the public are advised to choose carefully.

Experts recommend the public wish to raise the plants and flowers should not be dependent species, dependent interior flowers should be advised to choose evergreen plants and can absorb toxic gas species, such as Chlorophytum, asparagus, cactus, Monstera, Ivy and so on. Should not be dependent of the interior has lilac flowers, such as evening primrose, evening primrose because the night will stop photosynthesis, oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide, if the long-term cohabitation with its one room, will lead to dizziness brain up, can lead to serious poisoning. Conifers oil plants emit fragrance, will affect the person’s appetite.

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Indoor plant flowers in the winter

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

The approach of winter, indoor fenestration significantly reduced the frequency ventilation, air ventilation is not good, they easily lead to the modernization of household goods of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other poisonous gases increase, to some extent, also against our body. If we can raise in the bedroom where green plants can beautify the environment play a role, but also benefit the health of the owner.


Also known as hook-lan, hanging orchids, bluegrass Senate, folding and other crane-lan, an Liliaceae origin South Africa, known as the home of “purifiers.”

Related Species: Chlorophytum Phnom Penh, the heart Chlorophytum, silver edge Chlorophytum.

Suitable range: There is no limit on the living area.

The main functions: to eliminate the formaldehyde pollution inside the house, and have a strong ability to smoke pollution.

Morphological characteristics: perennial evergreen herb, underground fleshy root, hypertrophy. Trilobal such as Portland, stem-side Xiaomiao fireworks may overflowing, very elegant, is the living room with a good hanging foliage plants.

Conservation Methods: Chlorophytum hi warm and humid environment, not cold, for fear the scorching sun exposure. Suitable temperature between 15-20 ℃ in winter should be higher than 5 ℃. On soil not strict, but it must be good drainage. Opt for a neutral soil cultivation for , can be suspended by the small and medium-sized flower planting.

Chlorophytum room inside the top pot within 24 hours can be indoor carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and other harmful gases absorb clean, play the role of air filters.


Also known as ivory ball, a cactus Branch, Mexico and Central origin.

Suitable range: newly renovated room, study, or 40 square meters living room -150 square meters.

The main functions: to absorb formaldehyde, ether and other decoration generated toxic and harmful gases, radiation absorption computer.

Morphological Characteristics: Perennial succulent plant, stems spherical, large, high-30-120cm, diameter up to l00cm, single-sheng. Stem ball neatly arranged Prism, gill Block larger, with radial barbed hard about 3cm, golden yellow.

Conservation Methods: Echinocactus like adequate lighting and high-temperature environment, intolerant direct the scorching sun in summer and not cold. Request containing calcareous sandy soil. Winter temperatures above 15 ℃, spraying mist regularly to the ball. Conservation breeding for decades to stem the ball great, very spectacular. 40 ~ 50 ℃ in temperature, if there is no direct hot sun is still growing well.

Because Section cactus plants can absorb formaldehyde, ether and other harmful gases decoration, so the most suitable for indoor Culture. It can be a 24-hour oxygen and absorb radiation computer.

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